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How about a dream holiday in Fiji? Check this out!

While being crippled, I don’t have much else to do than read and write. Internet and laptop are my best friends at the moment. And as you all know, whether I am able to walk or not, one of my favourite things to do is dreaming. That leads us to the title of this post: what would you say about a dream holiday in Fiji?

Y E S ,  P L E A S E !

Especially now when the weather in Finland is being everything else but nice, golden sand beaches in the Pacific are definitely something to dream about. And let’s not forget number 3 on my bucket list, visiting all the continents. So when I came across this contest where you can win a one week luxury holiday in Fiji organized by Vacation Rental Travels, I decided to go for it. It’s my very first participation in this sort of contest, so let’s see, maybe it’s worth the effort. There’s nothing to lose, and the prize is quite tempting!

After signing up for the contest, all you need to do is share your personal contest link and cross your fingers. Or even better – click on my personal contest link and grow my chances of winning! I promise to send you lots of lovely thoughts when I’m lying in my hammock with a fruity cocktail!


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