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The perfect travel destination – Always free, always easy to reach, always different

The perfect travel destination – it’s quite a lot to promise, quite an impossible dream to go for. Even if you could find one, could you really travel there? Would you have enough time and money?

Wouldn’t the perfect travel destination be always free and easy to reach, no matter where in the world you are? Such destination where anyone could go to, even without having a bank account full of money or weeks worth of unused holidays. Such destination where you could simply forget all you’ve ever worried about, a place where you could feel perfectly safe. Place to relax and enjoy, and eventually fall asleep, happier than ever before.

You would think such destination could never exist, but it does. It really does. It’s very easy to reach, and not expensive at all. The perfect travel destination. It’s called nature.

It’s everywhere. It’s easy to reach even from the heart beat of the busiest city. You can reach it by car, by foot, by bike, by boat or kayak, and if you really want to, you can also reach it by plane.


You can challenge yourself climbing up and high, or you can feel it under water and dive. You can walk or jump or run very fast, or you can just sit down, enjoy and relax.

Sierra Blanca in Spain might be a perfect travel destination - Espanjan Sierra Blanca saattaa olla täydellinen matkakohde

It’s a destination on the other side of the world, or it can be right in front of your own back door. It’s a destination you could spend all your life savings for, or it can be completely free, something to live and die for.

You can go there for weeks or even six months for, or you can pay a quick visit, half a day or an hour.

You can spend your night in a humble cottage or a luxury hotel worth expensive cars. Or you can stay in your parents’ old tent or in a hammock under millions, millions of stars.

It can be freezing cold, nicely warm or hot as fire, it can be green, pure white or have thousands of colours to admire.

To go there you don’t need a passport, no visa application. You don’t need a dictionary, no language skills, not even a real reason.

That’s a place where everyone has a right to go, anytime at all.

It’s nature. The perfect destination. Always free, always easy to reach. Always different.

Instagram Travel Thursday is organized in Finland by travel blogs RIMMA+LAURATravellover and Muru MouInstagram Travel Thursday is a global event taking place on every first Thursday of each month. Anyone can participate by sharing the best travel memories by using hashtag #igtravelthursday or #igtt.


The girl behind the blog is a Finnish travel and outdoor enthusiastic with a huge passion for writing and fulfilling dreams. When I'm not abroad, I'm showing you the best of beautiful Finland. My heart lies in the archipelago of Satakunta and Rauma area in the South-West of Finland.

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