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Seikkailumielinen Matkabloggaaja Saana Vaeltamassa Jäätiköllä Ruotsin Lapissa

Hi there! I’m Saana, a Finnish freelance writer, dreamer and traveller driven by spontaneous, outdoorsy and affordable adventures close to nature. Rauma is my home; the world is my playground. On this blog, I’m taking you from charming city breaks to breathtaking natural wonders and everything in between. When I’m not abroad, I’m showing you the best of beautiful Finland. Every once in a while I’m opening the curtain to the euphoric versatile life of a freelance writer.

Nature Adventures

Celebrating City Breaks

My Hometown Rauma

My Hometown Rauma

All roads lead to Rauma. At least, they should. Located on the South-West Coast of Finland, my lovely hometown Rauma is famous for its UNESCO-listed wooden old town, beautiful archipelago and vibrant summer events. When you’re planning your trip to Rauma, this is the place to start. And if you’re not finding the answer you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to pop a question — I’m happy to help!

Sporty Outdoor Activities

Travel in Finland

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