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A day in the parks of Düssledorf: Südpark and Nordpark

I got an inspiration for this post from a very good (French) friend of mine, who has visited Düsseldorf several times. Before I moved here, she was telling me some cruel facts about Düsseldorf. The main thing I remember is this one:

There are absolutely no green areas in Düsseldorf. It’s a grey and ugly industrial city with no links to nature.

Agnés, this post is dedicated to you – just to prove you wrong! 😉

Sundays (and bank holidays) really are holidays in Germany. Coffee shops, restaurants, small kiosks and gas stations might be open, but otherwise the city is pretty quiet. Therefore Sundays are perfect for being lazy and chilling out. You can do it at home or in one of the many parks of Düsseldorf.

Südpark a.k.a. South Park in Düsseldorf, Germany

The pictures above are taken in Südpark, which is, as you could conclude from the name, located in the Southern part of the city, quite near the Central Station. Südpark is the biggest and the most popular park in Düsseldorf; there are 30 km worth of paths and thanks to the zoo, coffee shops, sculptures and other artwork, you can easily spend a full day in Südpark.

Besides ‘South Park’, Düsseldorf obviously has also Nordpark. I was spending my first lazy Nordpark Sunday there last week.

Nordpark a.k.a. North Park in Düsseldorf, Germany

Nordpark is a bit more ‘normal’ sized park. It wouldn’t take too long to walk around it, unlike Südpark, where you could go around the park with a tourist bus, really. But there are still many nice things to see in Nordpark, like fountains, beautiful flowerbeds and my personal favourite: Japanese Garden, just to mention a few.

Japanese Garden in Nordpark in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Südpark and Nordpark are the two biggest parks in Düsseldorf. In addition there are plenty of smaller ones all over the city, including the central area near Altstadt. It’s amazing how popular it is in Germany to spend a sunny summer day in a park with friends and different activities – at least in the parks of Düsseldorf you can see anything from tightrope walking to beerfests and BBQ parties.

Greetings from the grey and ugly industrial city!

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