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Weekend at Lake Constance – Beautiful Konstanz

My desperate effort to spend my Midsummer by a lake failed completely; instead of Lake Constance I ended up spending my Midsummer at a bus stop in Düsseldorf. The positive news is, that when you keep trying persistently, eventually things will work out and buses will arrive on time, even in Germany!

And it really happened; on my second go, one week later, my bus arrived as it was supposed to. It was a sunny and warm day at the end of June, and I had finally reached my destination Konstanz (Constance), a city of approximately 80 000 inhabitants, situated in the South of Germany by Lake Constance, on the Switzerland border.

And let me show you one of the many reasons why I wanted to spend a weekend by a lake so desperately:

Beautiful city of Konstanz by the Lake Constance in Southern Germany

The old town of Konstanz is absolutely amazing with its’ beautiful buildings. Konstanz is the biggest city in the area of Lake Constance, and thanks to its’ location at Switzerland border it didn’t get destroyed in World War II bombings. That said, the old town of Konstanz really is authentic with its’ historical and colourful buildings and the most important attraction, the cathedral, that was built in the 11th century.

The lovely oldtownish atmosphere can be sensed right at the city gate. Welcome to Konstanz!

The city gate at the start of the old town of Konstanz, a German city by Lake Constance

Welcome to the old town of Konstanz, the medieval city by Lake Constance in Southern Germany

Beautiful buildings in the old town of Konstanz

After wandering around the old town of Konstanz for a good while, I wanted to have a little rest on a park bench by the lake, enjoy some sun and lunch that had been crushed in my backpack. I was chilling out near the harbour and what did I see; a cruise boat with Finnish flag happily dancing with the wind, just like it was waving at me. It’s funny how I always come across with something Finnish, no matter where in the world my adventures take me.

The flag wasn’t the only thing waving at me in the harbour of Konstanz. The best known landmark of the city is Imperia, a statue that was built in memory of the Council of Constance held in they city from 1414 to 1418. With a little man in each hand,  Pope Martin V and Emperor Sigismund, she is standing in the harbour of Konstanz welcoming everyone approaching from the lake.

Imperia statue is the best known landmark in the harbour of Konstanz by Lake Constance

After the sunny sightseeing day in Konstanz I continued elsewhere. You will find out more about the other destinations of my weekend trip, or should I say our weekend trip, in the following posts. Our?

Yes, I travelled to Konstanz to meet up my dear friend Katarina, who was coming from Thun, Switzerland. Together we would continue from Konstanz to a small but cute countryside municipality of Eschenz in Switzerland.

Before Switzerland I’ll skip a bit and jump to Sunday, the day I came back to Konstanz to catch my return bus to Düsseldorf. On Sunday a huge flea market took over the streets of the city centre. The people in Konstanz had set up their stands along the streets nearby the lake and were selling all sorts of stuff – toys, clothes, furniture… absolutely everything. Even if it was raining there were thousands of people on the streets looking for treasures. Obviously there were also stands for traditional German specialties, bratwurst and beer. Yummy!

Sunday flea market on the streets of Konstanz by Lake Constance

Konstanz is definitely worth visiting. In case you are planning a trip to the borders of Germany and Switzerland, I would suggest to reserve some spare time for the views of Lake Constance. It would be a great experience to bike or kayak around the lake on a sunny summer day, as the lake is huge and it’s surrounded by many adorable cities with lots to see. There are cruise boats going around the lake as well, which would be another fantastic way to experience the wonders of Lake Constance.

I couldn’t help feeling a little sad when walking through the gates of the old town of Konstanz, the beautiful lakeside city that I got to visit not once, but twice during one lovely weekend.

Leaving lovely Konstanz and the historical old town behind.

Views at the city centre of Konstanz by Lake Constance in Southern Germany

The city view of a German city Konstanz and Lake Constance from Switzerland border

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