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The day I walked to Switzerland

We are still on Friday the 27th of June. If you’re really into details, the year would be 2014. After a sunny summer day in beautiful Konstanz, the plan was to meet up with my friend Katarina, who was arriving by train from Thun, Switzerland. We were supposed to meet in the afternoon at Konstanz train station and continue together by train to a small village in Switzerland called Eschenz.

I had some spare time before Katarina arrived, so at the last minute we decided to meet at the main station of Kreuzlingen instead of Konstanz. Katarina’s train was approaching from the directon of Kreuzlingen and we would have needed to change the train there anyway. It all made sense, why wouldn’t we meet there!?

I had a quick peek at the map and realized Kreuzlingen was within easy walking distance. The weather was absolutely beautiful, the view by Lake Constance was amazing – why not to walk, even if my backpack started to feel quite heavy after a long day.

Besides, I love walking from one country to another. This far I have walked from Finland to Sweden, from Spain to Britain and now also from Germany to Switzerland.

As the border between the two countries hasn’t really been painted on the ground, how would you know when you have crossed the border and arrived to Switzerland? Well, I guess a picture is, once again, worth a thousand words. This is how you know when you have arrived to Switzerland:

How do you know when you have crossed the border and arrived to Switzerland?

After walking for a while I quickly glanced the map and noticed there were two ways to get to Kreuzlingen station; I could choose the reliable way, which meant following the train track, or then the awesome way, which meant following the beach.

Obviously I chose the awesome one. But the thing is, when you are walking along the lake on a sunny summer day, you get distracted very easily. I mean VERY easily. Especially when you bump into an observation tower like this:

An observation tower on the border of Germany and Switzerland on my way from Konstanz to Kreuzlingen.

So yes, of course I climbed up to admire the views. And yes, of course I had to leave my “paw print” on the tower to prove that I have really visited there…

Saana was here and climbed on this observation on the border of Germany and Switzerland by Lake Constance

Due to bushy trees there was no view in the direction of Kreuzlingen, but the view in general was pretty amazing. Especially on the direction of Lake Constance. Another proof why I really wanted to spend a weekend by a lake.

The view on Lake Constance between Konstanz and Kreutzlingen on the border of Germany and Switzerland.

I had just enough battery left on my phone to check the time. I realized I’d really need to hurry if I wanted to catch the train with Katarina. It would be extremely nice, especially when Katarina was the only one with the address and contact details of the apartment we had rented at our destination. So I came down very quickly and kept on walking. Fast.

At some point I started to think maybe I should already head for the directon of train track instead of following the lake side.

Too bad I took the turning two train stations too late.

So somehow I managed to make a 15-minute walk into a two-hour hike. In the end I was in a such hurry that I had to run the rest of the way. Thanks to my great choices of shortcuts through the spiky bushes, I got a few bloody scratches on my arms as a souvenir. Once I reached the correct station I immediately spotted frustrated Katarina waiting for me. With the very  last push we managed to hop on the last train of the day just before it left the Kreuzlingen station. I was completely sweaty and out of breath for the whole 20-minute train trip to Eschenz, but at least I made it on time. Barely.

Oh well, it was me who wanted to do something sporty during our weekend getaway, so at least I was able to cross it off my list already on the first day.

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  1. Once we spent five days in nearby the town called Lindau (Bodensee) driving our car around the lake. We had two controls between Germany and Switzerland (different routes). We had to show our passports and explain the meaning of our visit. So by foot it is simple, but by car it is not. My guess is that You are young and beautiful and we are old and ugly. 🙂 Sigh.

    1. Haha, I’d like to think I’m young and beautiful, but the truth might be a bit different! 🙂 I didn’t even see any passport controls, maybe I choose the easiest route. Oh well, after getting lost I can’t say it would have been the EASIEST, but I managed eventually, which is the main thing. The area is so beautiful, driving around the lake sounds like a nice holiday.

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