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Weekend at Lake Constance – Is This Swiss Village of Eschenz Cute or What?

I’m happy to introduce our destination Eschenz, a tiny little Swiss village of approximately 1500 people, a place where you really get a feeling that the time has stopped completely – a perfect destination for a weekend getaway! We had rented a room for two nights through Airbnb. Andy, the owner of the house, was an amazing host! Our room was separated from the rest of the living area and equipped with its’ own entrance, bathroom and a fridge. Top choice.

How would I describe Eschenz? Corn fields,  onion fields, whatever-else-you-were-able-to-find-fields, lake, beach, small church, one grocery shop, narrow tracks between the fields – and awesome houses with cute gardens along the tracks.

Welcome to Eschenz, a small but incredible cute village in Switzerland

During our two day visit we found three restaurants in the village. The one along “the main road” serves the best pizzas in the world, our host Andy said. So on Friday evening, the first thing to do was to go for a swim (first time this year, finally!) and after that we headed for the best pizzas in the world.

Having the best pizzas ever in the small Swiss village of Eschenz

The pizzas were incredible tasty but the cat wasn’t part of the menu. This cute little fellow was just keeping us company during our dinner. Neither is Katarina normally violent at all, even though hungry tourists may be a little bit unpredictable sometimes…

One of the other two restaurants of Eschenz was located at the beach, where we spent the most of the time when we were at the village (I mean the beach, not the restaurant).

The beach restaurant of Eschenz, Switzerland
The boat harbour at the beach in Eschenz, Switzerland

The view on Lake Constance in Eschenz, Switzerland - a perfect destination for a weekend getaway

Oh I wish every weekend could be like this. It was so nice to stay at the beach until the sunset when my personal waitress kept serving me Baileys coffee while I was just… well, relaxing.

Katarina serving baileys coffee at the beach in Eschenz, Switzerland

From the picture below you can really see what Eschenz is like. It’s absolutely incredible that there are still places in the world where the farmers can leave their cherries, cucumbers, eggs and other produce with prices along the road, next to the money box, trusting that the honest customers will pay for their purchase instead of stealing the money box and running away. As we are honest tourists, obviously, we paid for our cherries and enjoyed them in very typical Eschenz-like views.

In Eschenz the farmers can leave their cherries and other products along the street with a box of money

On Saturday evening we nearly went out to the busy centre of the village, but suddenly we got hit buy a thunder storm and we stayed in the garden admiring the lightning. My camera was inside but our host Andy sent us this picture afterwards. The picture is taken on that very same evening.

Storm and heavy lightning in Eschenz, Switzerland

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Oh yeah, and did you already read how I walked to Switzerland and nearly missed my train?

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