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Budget trip to Belgium for 38 euros

When I moved to Germany, I made a promise to myself to travel and explore the surrounding areas and countries as much as possible, as the public transportation works well and is fairly cheap. After four months I realized that I was in a hurry – I had two months left for my current contract and I hadn’t even visited Cologne yet, even if it’s only a 30 minute train journey away from Düsseldorf.

Therefore in a few hours I will head for Belgium for the weekend. The plan is to spend one night in Antwerp and one night in Bruges. Travel expenses ended up to be less than 38 euros in total. Do you want to know how?


1) Car share: Mitfahrgelegenheit is probably the most popular car pooling website in Germany. I found a shared drive from Düsseldorf to Antwerp and back for 11 € each way. Total costs 22 €.

2) Train tickets inside Belgium -50 % on weekends: Belgianrail offers train tickets to any destination inside Belgium for half price when you travel between Friday after 7 pm and Sunday. I bought my return ticket between Antwerp and Bruges for 15,80 €.

3) Accommodation 0 €: I bet you have heard about couchsurfing. On I found a host in both cities, Antwerp and Bruges – free of charge. If I’m lucky, I will even get a city guide.

4) Talking about a city guide, I have an amazing job in an amazing company that let me borrow a travel guide for Belgium for the weekend, also free of charge.

With these supplies I am heading for Belgium tonight. I will tell you about my trip next week after coming back home. See you!

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