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Rollnacht – rollerblading evening

One of the most awesome summer events in Düsseldorf is Rollnacht, a 21 kilometer rollerblading event at evening time every second Thursday during the whole summer (depending on the weather, obviously). If the Germans are really great at something, it would be organization! An event gathering thousands of people on the streets definitely requires organization. But no problem, Germans are doing it – with the help of the police, the streets are closed off to traffic until us, the sports maniacs, have rolled by.

Team trivago ready to go!
Team trivago ready to go!


Let's go!
Let’s go!

As the amount of rollerbladers is abslolutely huge, the pace is not very fast, so therefore you should definitely give it a try even if you were a beginner and maybe a little bit insecure. Just go for it! In case you don’t have your own skates or blades, you can borrow either brand-new or hardly used ones free of charge – you only need a security, which would, in this case, mean a passport, driving license or any other official ID.

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The route of 21k varies each time, so every Rollnacht gives you an opportunity to get to know to a new part of the city that you have probably never visited before. There will be music and the organizers are encouraging for hurrahs and wave movements so the atmosphere is pretty fantastic. Half way through the route there is a small break where they serve drinks and there is always some sort of performance available – cheerleaders or similar.

I’d love to upload more pictures about the event that I have participated in so many times already, but as rollerblading and trying photography at the same time is quite difficult, the quality of the pictures is absolutely awful, to be honest. Most of the pictures in this post are provided by my colleague Danny. But in case you find the topic interesting and want to know and see more, please feel free to visit where you can find the schedule for Düsseldorf and Essen, the route plan and of course lots of amazing pictures and video clips.

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