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First week back home

My half a year in Germany is gone. Let’s catch up a little; How did my first week back home in Finland go!?

When you have been away long enough, being at home can really feel like a holiday. And as usual, what would be travelling without little mishaps? Therefore, after landing to Helsinki airport and waiting quite a time next to the luggage claim, I finally found out that one of my bags is still at Copenhagen where I changed planes.

So, having my fingers crossed, I was hoping even more than before that the unheard-of heatwave there has been in Finland this summer would continue at least for a few more days as all my long sleeve jumpers and trousers were in that bag. Luckily apart from occasional rain showers, I was able to enjoy the Finnish heatwave for a couple of days and spend some quality time with my boyfriend now that the long distance relationship had finally finished.

By quality time I mean approximately 250 games of Yatzy, a card game we call as ‘tikkipokka’ and darts. And of course the one thing that any Finn would miss like hell when living abroad – having sauna!

First week back home | Live now – dream later travel blog

Whether I am returning from a short or longer trip, for some reason my luggage always stays unpacked in the middle of the lounge or bedroom floor for too long. This time, however, I had a good reason to find places in cupboards for my clothes and other stuff fairly quickly, as the two hairy lights of my life, Pertsa and Kilu, seemed to be stressing a lot that I would grab my bags and leave again.

Poor cats were guarding my luggage either next to the bags… or inside the bags.

First week back home | Live now – dream later travel blog

After unpacking and putting the empty bags away, cats finally started to relax. Are you able to tell they are brothers?

First week back home | Live now – dream later travel blog

The plan for the first week was to take kayaks, tent and sleeping bags and make an overnight kayaking trip to the archipelago of Rauma. Unfortunately the heatwave turned into heavy rains and thunderstorms so we haven’t really had a proper chance for the trip this far. Luckily rainy weather can also be a positive thing: mushrooms love rain!

Our two first mushroom hunting trips weren’t so prolific but at least we found enough to make some nice and creamy chanterelle sauce to accompany our steaks both times.

First week back home | Live now – dream later travel blog

While wading in the forest I received a message from one of the girls on my football team saying that we would have a football match the next day and my license is still valid. No reason to say no to that!

It was quite an alright comeback to the football field, as I assisted the 1-0 winning goal against the league leaders, yay! At the end of my first week we had another football match which also ended quite nicely as we crushed the other team with the modest score of 8-1.

So I spent my first week mainly relaxing and enjoying being at home – a perfect place for a holiday. And to make sure my ex-roommates in Düsseldorf wouldn’t get disappointed, the last picture is for them to prove that even during my home holiday I didn’t forget my good friend Sangría:

First week back home | Live now – dream later travel blog

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