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Enchanted by the Finnish archipelago

When I was living in Spain for a year in 2011–2012, I was quite often having holidays in the best possible place, at home. After looking back on our kayaking trip last summer, I got inspiration for another archipelago related post. In August 2012 I was again having a small vacation at home when our neighbours invited us and the other neighbours for a boat trip to the local boat club’s cottage. The cottage is located in a small island called Laakko only a 20 minute boat ride away.



Let me introduce you our vehicle (a bit bigger one than my kayak) and our hosting couple, Sirpa and Pete:


The archipelago of Rauma is offering much more than only amazing views. Actually, we were quite busy the whole time we spent at the cottage. Even though this small slide can’t compare with the proper ones you can find in climbing parks, we were having a lot of fun with it. We also played some frisbee golf. I can’t remember anymore who won the game, but let’s say it was me.  And as you might have read from my previous forest-conquering posts, nibbling berries is an important part of experiencing Finnish nature.


There is no such Finn who would spend time at a cottage without having sauna and being silly in water, no matter how short time you spend at the cottage. So… that’s exactly what we did.


And there is neither such Finn who would spend time at a cottage without having a BBQ, no matter how short the visit is. Thanks for the amazing dessert and coffee to the wonderful ladies of our neighbourhood!

img004At dusk it was time to head back home and take some amazing sunset pictures, as usual. It’s so nice to go back to these memories after two years’ time. At the moment there is a whole new sailing boat standing in our garden and our neighbours are spending all their spare time to make it nice and shiny for the adventures next summer. This means that next year our lovely neihgbours will take us for another awesome boat trip. And now when it has been said on a blog, they can’t say no, can they!? 🙂



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    1. It is, definitely the best bits of Finland. It’s amazing how many people are living by the sea without actually ever going there to enjoy it! 🙂

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