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Sweet September – 24 hours by the sea

Before permanently drowning in the rains of a dark, long autumn, I will entertain you with one last archipelago related post. After all, you can’t praise the beautiful sea views enough, or can you!? Well, I’m going to do that now anyway. Because when the thermometer in September in Finland shows this…

2014-09-05 15.27.31

…you have to go and do this:

Photo 07-09-2014 14 26 53

On Saturday the 6th of September, Daniel and I packed our camping stuff after a long break, roped the kayaks on the car roof and drove to Syvärauma marina.

2014-09-06 16.02.17

16:00 – Kayaks were packed and the weather was as pretty as it can get. Ohoy, let’s hit the sea! This time we already knew our destination. We were heading for a small island, recommended by our neighbour. No cottages, guaranteed evening sun and no wind at all, so it sounded like a perfect place for camping. Therefore we decided to trust our neighbour’s judgment and started kayaking towards a little island called Pikku-Laakko (rough translation: “Little Laakko”).

2014-09-06 16.02.04

16:30 – After a year’s break it always takes a while to get used to kayaks again. But we were doing well. While passing by the island of the Rauma Yacht Club, Kuuskari, we stopped for a while to admire the gorgeous beach houses. Our dream is, one day, to own one of those. Well, to be honest, I would be happy with a lot smaller one, modest as I am, as long as it’s located by the sea. The beach palaces in the picture would require writing a few more articles. Or a win in a lottery.

Photo 06-09-2014 16 28 56

Photo 06-09-2014 16 28 58

17:00 – I would have never imagined that we had the opportunity to make this sort of trip in September. The sun was sparkling on the surface of the sea and despite some random boats, we were surrounded by the tranquility of the late summer sea. So we decided to go very slowly, enjoying the peace of nature. We even met other kayakers so we weren’t the only ones who had realized to enjoy the best bits of sweet September.

Photo 06-09-2014 16 29 10 (2)

17:30 – We saw a familiar island in the horizon. On the picture below, the middle one is exactly the island where we stayed on our kayaking trip last summer.

2014-09-06 17.37.37

The timing was perfect to have a glance at the map and plan which route to take. Our starting point, Syväraumanlahti, is marked on the map with a green circle. Our route went pass Rokinnokka towards Hevoskarta and then through Puuvalli. The island where we stayed last year is marked with a black circle. Inside the yellow circle is Laakko, the island where we went on our boat trip with neighbours two years ago. Our target, Little Laakko, is the one inside the red circle on the map.


18:00 – We had reached our destination. At first we were circling around the island to see if it really is perfect for our purposes and if we could find a good place for going ashore. We were extremely happy that our neighbour knew what he was talking about. The island seemed perfect for camping so we unpacked the kayaks, lifted them out of the sea and started exploring the island by foot.

Photo 07-09-2014 14 26 51

18:30 – After a short investigation we started to build our camp. The first task was to make a place for campfire on the rocks and gather some wood while we still had daylight.

2014-09-06 18.48.34

19:00 – Once we had enough stuff to burn on our campfire and we had picked up all the pine cones from our camping spot, it was time to build our mansion for the night.

2014-09-06 20.11.29

19:30 – The tent was standing, campfire was blazing… it was time for a traditional skinny dip (no pictures available). A swim in the sea in September was indeed refreshing, but not too cold. And even if it had been, we had our campfire to keep us warm.

20:00 – Dusk started coming slowly, so the next task was to relax by the campfire with a glass of wine and admire the sunset. Saana proudly presents: our living room on this sweet September night.


20:30 – 23:30 – Grilling hot dogs, playing Yatzy, talking crap and enjoying ourselves on the light of the candles and campfire, having music on the background.


00:00 ~ Unlucky attempts to take artistic pictures with cellphone cameras about the nearly-full moon and its’ reflection on the sea. More relaxing and enjoying, until it was time to crawl to the tent to sleep.

2014-09-06 23.55.20

This time we didn’t need to wake up to the sound of a chainsaw so we slept late. Very late. After getting up we spent a couple of hours  burning our trash, dismantling the tent, packing our stuff and nibbling the leftovers from last night.

Sunday, 14:30 – It was time for farewell so we said goodbye to Little Laakko and headed for home. Every muscle was aching, neck was stuck, clothes smelled like smoke… but our minds were brisk and peaceful.

Photo 07-09-2014 14 26 33

16:00 – We reached our home port, packed the stuff and kayaks to the car and crashed on the couch for the rest of the day. We were feeling like you would feel after a marathon. Although we have never run a marathon, but we could imagine this is how you would feel after – tired but happy. The goal I had, when I returned back home from Germany, had been reached and the 24 hours kayaking trip had been completed. What a wonderful feeling. Now the autumn can finally arrive!

Photo 07-09-2014 15 52 49


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