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When a dream comes true

Everyone has dreams. Small or big ones, it doesn’t matter. Dreams are something personal, something to get you out of reality on a day you feel miserable. Something to bring a big smile on your face on a day you are feeling sad. But does it have to be like that? Have you ever really thought about making your dreams become reality?


The truth is, pursuing dreams is always scary. And there are millions of excuses not to go for it but just keep dreaming, because it’s safe. Pursuing dreams is always difficult. Pursuing dreams always contains risks. But what’s really the worst thing that can happen? For me, personally, the worst thing would be sitting on my rocking chair at the age of 85 and being a miserable old bitch, just because I wanted to do some specific things in my life but I never even tried. Rather regret things you have done than things you haven’t, even if you really wanted. That’s my motto!

My dream has always been to become a writer. I have always loved writing and for me it has always been the best way of expressing myself. After high school I was applying for university to study journalism but the entrance examination beat me and after a couple of tries I started to think that maybe it’s not my dream after all. Instead I started to study marketing. I buried my dreams of becoming a writer and got stuck with boring administration jobs for years.

Being miserable in life is the best kick on the ass you can get. Life is too short for being miserable, so if you aren’t happy, you know you have to change something. My new dream was to move to Spain. Once I finally found a perfect job, I left my family, friends, boyfriend and cats behind and went for it. Was it scary? Yes. Was it wonderful? Absolutely! Do I regret I did it? Hell no!

As much as I loved Spain, the original dream of mine, becoming a writer, was still smouldering inside of me. Then something amazing happened: I met a person who offered me an opportunity as a journalist for a new publication. So bye bye Spain, as soon as I got the job I moved back home, full of hope and energy. I remembered, this really was my real dream. And it’s coming true!

Guess what? It didn’t.

Once again I ended up being a miserable administrator. I’m turning 30, it’s too late to change anything anymore. The ship has sailed. My destiny is to turn out as an old and bitter bitch doing the job I hate. Doing a job where all the creativity and dreams die.

Wrong. Something amazing happened again. Due to production and financial related reasons, I was made redundant. The best thing that has ever happened to me! Now I had no choice but to change my direction completely! So I asked myself: what do I really want to do with my life? Well I knew it. I want to become a writer. But how can I take a step closer to that dream? I got a half a year internship at trivago in Germany. So once again I left my family, friends, boyfriend and cats behind and moved to Düsseldorf with a 2-3 week notice. Was it scary? Yes. Was it wonderful? Absolutely! Do I regret I did it? Hell no!

About a month ago my half a year internship finished and I returned back home. I still keep writing press releases for trivago and I am planning my life, day by day, towards my real dream. But I can tell you, I am getting closer. Do you know the amazing feeling when a dream comes true? That happened to me, again. Yesterday my first articles were published in a Finnish travel magazine. The dream that I thought is never going to happen has now happened. And it feels fantastic!

I wrote this blog post as a part of Blogging101 course organized by The task of the day was to write a blog post about any topic and dedicate it to your “dream reader”. My dream reader is anyone with dreams. So attention all the dreamers – this blog post is devoted to you!

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    1. Thanks so much for your comment. The thought behind the whole blog was originally to inspire other dreamers to reach for the stars. So every time someone says “inspiring post” I get this amazing feeling of success! 🙂

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