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My bucket list – list of things I want to do before…

…it’s too late!

I have been thinking about my own list and publishing it for a while now. Yesterday I stumbled upon Trablogger’s blog post about the ultimate Bucket List. We all have dreams, but how many of us settle for dreaming instead of making the dreams come true? Writing down your dreams and goals is taking a step closer to making them happen, no matter how small or big your dreams are. Here is my list:

1. Spend a night in a haunted house or hotel

I’m weird in a way that I am interested in the paranormal, and Ghost Adventures is one of my favourite programs (partly because it can sometimes be absolutely hilarious). I’m not saying that ghosts exist, I only believe when I see one, but I’m not either saying they couldn’t exist unless someone provides me with 100% accurate evidence that they can’t. Anyway, I have always wanted to spend a night in a haunted house or hotel and that is the reason it’s on my bucket list.

2. Learn kitesurfing

Even though I never finished my kitesurfing course, it doesn’t mean I have given up. I already know how to do snowboarding and wakeboarding and I have learned how to use a kite. All I need to do is to combine these skills. (Image source: Shayne Thomas Photography)


3. Visit all the continents

One dream of mine is to visit as many countries and see as many new places as possible, but above all I want to visit all the continents, at least once. As I most often travel around Europe, I have still plenty of work to do!

4. Travel to New Zealand

I don’t think this needs a separate justification. I really want to see and experience this country.

5. Travel to Scotland and try to catch a picture of Nessie

Because… why not? In addition to Scotland being a promised land of haunted castles, I have another reason to travel to Scotland: for my 30th birthday my brother and his wife bought me a small piece of land in Scotland which I want to visit one day. The piece of land came with a title. Modest as I am I hardly ever use it but officially I am Lady Saana Jaakkola of Chaol Ghleann.

2014-09-25 19.54.01
6. Refresh your Spanish

I can count on one hand the number of times I have been speaking Spanish since I moved back home from Spain. Naughty me.

2014-09-25 19.33.547. Learn to play guitar… properly

Yes, I do play guitar, but not very well. It’s so weird you don’t get any better when your guitar is laying in a closet untouched 350 days a year.

8. Try as many extreme sports as possible

Canyoning, skydiving, mountain climbing, bungee jumping, paragliding… lots still left!

9. Own a beach house

I don’t need a fancy mansion, but I feel I am not complete until I live by the sea. Although making this happen might require a win in the lottery… or a mobile home that I could park to a beach any time. That counts, right?

10. Make up a Finnish word for Bucket List

You can say wish list or dream list, but it’s not really telling the whole truth. You can also say “Lista asioista, jotka haluat tehdä ennen kuin on liian myöhäistä” ( = a list of things you want to do before it’s too late) but it’s obviously too long. Making up a real word for Bucket List would be doing a huge favour to society, so I have decided to do it!

So, this was my bucket list. What is yours like? I challenge you to write yours down. You don’t need to make it public if you don’t want to, but if you do, write it down on the comments below.

Happy dream hunting!

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This Post Has 27 Comments

  1. Thank you for keeping the promise and posting the list on my page.
    This is an awesome list. And staying in the haunted house and all that is a new ones 😀 And finding finnish word for Bucket list will be a great achievement. No one would have thought in that line. That’s pretty creative and cool. Well you are already adventurous, and you can do all the extreme sports, you can travel to all other continents. Btw how many remaining now?

    1. Well, I have been to 3 different continents this far so 4 remaining… one more and I have visited more than half! 😉 I think 10 is good number for a bucket list, I can add new ones once I can cross out one of these ones. But it’s good to have things on your bucket list that are actually achievable. My boyfriend is already thinking about ways to do several of them at once. Like buying a haunted beach house in New Zealand next to a kite school! 😀 It’s good to have support…

      1. Haha.. one item in your boyfriend’s list is equal to 4 of yours 😀 He is ambitious and an over achiever 😀

      2. Hmm, not exactly! 🙂 He just told me last night the only thing in his bucket list is to eat as many M&M candies in his life as possible. He is just trying to find out ways how I would get rid of my bucket list as soon and efficient as possible! 😀

      3. haha.. that’s hilarious to read 😀 hahaaa..
        getting rid of your bucket list!! 😀 Anyway that’s what you want. Right? 🙂

      4. Maybe I will add a new thing on the list every time I cross something out, that way I will never get rid of the list – just to annoy my boyfriend! 😀

  2. I think I’ll do my bucketlist soon too – I have been thinking about it since long already. You have nice stuff on your list – do go to New Zealand, it is really worth it! I while ago, I saw another type of list that I liked on a blog: the reverse bucketlist of awesome things you have already done. I will do both when I am at it.

  3. And a piece of advice if you do go to Scotland: bring enough time to visit other things than Nessie’s home. We thought the Isle of Skye was amazing but Loch Ness was, to be honest, pretty boring.

    1. I’m sure I will go to Scotland one day, I want to visit my tiny piece of land over there! And they have also lots of haunted houses there! 😀 Thanks for the tip, I need to check that out. And New Zealand… must visit there, no option. Might not be in the near future though but definitely one day!

  4. I’ve done a few of the things on your bucket list! I’ve been to New Zealand, for instance. And while there, I jumped out of a perfectly useful airplane, so that’s two things. I’ve been to Scotland, too! I don’t own a beach home, but I do have one in the mountains. And I’ve studied Spanish, and successfully communicated in Spanish in Mexico!

    I have a suggestion for learning guitar properly: A friend of mine’s husband and son — musicians, music teachers, songwriters, recording producers — created it for people just like you. Have a look, anyway!

    Finnish is full of hilarious idioms (I have a friend who’s translating them into English), so I’m sure you’ll come up with something!

    1. Thanks for your tips Wendy, I will definitely check out that website. The two points in my list, guitar playing and Spanish, are just because of my own laziness. I used to do both, well, but lack of practice has made me forget both skills. If you don’t use it – you’ll lose it! 🙂

    1. Hi Kylie and thanks for your comment. It’s always soooo nice to hear I’ve motivated or inspired someone! 🙂 Makes me feel super good! So thanks for that. Would be nice to see your bucket list too!

  5. Reblogged this on Body Transformations and commented:
    I read this blog this morning and it reminded me about my bucket list.
    I have several things on my bucket list that I haven’t done anything about.

    1. Reach my goal weight.
    2. Visit New York.
    3. Learn Web Design.
    4. Start my own software company.
    5. Put a swimming pool in my backyard.
    6. Two very personal bucket list items.

    I’m currently only working toward number one.


  6. Great list you’ve got there. I’d try to do all those except number 1. I’m too much of a ‘little cat’ to voluntarily go into a haunted house 😛

    1. Haha, thanks. Yeah let’s see how much of a “little cat” I will be, I’ve always wanted to do that and now I guess I really have to as I’ve made it official! 😀 Maybe it can be done on my trip to Scotland, I don’t really know any famous haunted houses in Finland…

  7. Love your list, you’ve inspired me to finally write my own! It would be so cool to spend the night in a haunted house/hotel but I am a huge wimp! Like seriously, I can’t even make it through a cheap haunted house without losing a few hours of sleep! I am traveling to Spain over the summer so I am brushing up on my Spanish as well! Can you believe my dad (who’s from Mexico) never taught us how to speak it growing up?! He’s still kicking himself over that one. Still it’s never too late to learn (or refresh). Looking forward to reading more from you!

    1. Thanks so much for your comment, I’m always happy to hear I have inspired someone! 🙂 And as promised before, I will definitely write a post after spending a night in a haunted house! About Spanish, it really is a pity your dad didn’t speak Spanish to you. My boyfriend is English and he has 2 kids from his previous marriage. Both kids speak fluently both, English and Finnish and that’s so amazing. Where in Spain you’ll be traveling to?

      1. I was always around Spanish speakers, so I understand quite a lot and I am sure that I’d be able to fumble my way through a basic conversation. I guess I just get so worried about pronouncing things wrong I don’t practice as much (which is such a silly thing, I know!)

        I’m going to be in Spain for about 12 days seeing Barcelona, Madrid, Granada, Seville and Costa del Sol. We’re also taking a day trip to Morocco, super excited!

      2. Wow, that sounds like a lot to do in only 12 days! 🙂 Amazing, I can’t wait to read about it in your blog! I’ve been living in Spain, twice actually, both times in Costa del Sol. But I have visited also Barcelona, Granada and Seville. I really love the country so I’m sure you’ll have a great trip!

  8. Great list indeed. I love this: Refresh your Spanish. I learnt my Spanish in Spain when working there few months. I never learned it officially, but as a child learns. Now years later when blogging in four languages, I have to struggle with grammar. Couple years ago I started to learn also Portuguese which keeps my brains fresh. 🙂

    Happy weekend!

    1. Thanks for your comment! I know this feeling, I have a few languages that I should know well, but when you don’t use it, you lose it. Unfortunately. It’s only down to my own laziness though. It’s just too easy to speak English with everyone. I don’t even make much effort for those languages nowadays. That’s why it’s good to check your bucket list every now and then and remind yourself what you’ve promised to do! 😉 Happy weekend to you too!

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