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Surfing from tree to tree

There are mornings when you wake up well slept and relaxed, having no idea where you will end up in a few hours. Suddenly you find yourself standing in the treetops, 20 meters off the ground, looking at half a surfboard hanging from a cable between the trees, in front of you. Your choices are to shout help as loud as you can and hope that someone will hear and come to rescue you. Or you can encourage yourself, climb onto this sad little surfboard and let go!


My last weekend in Germany was full of adventures and adrenaline. I decided with my friends to go and conquer the Tree2Tree climbing park in Oberhausen. There are also two other climbing parks owned by the same company, one in Dortmund and one in Duisburg, but we choose the one in Oberhausen for only one reason: the highest track of all three parks is here!


We wouldn’t settle for any small tracks, would we? If you go climbing, you should only tackle the biggest and scariest! So put on your harness and start climbing the ladder…


…towards the challenge. There are 15 different tracks in the Oberhausen climbing park and the toughest ones will require approximately 45-60 minutes of pure strength and balancing up in the air. So it definitely wasn’t just a light and easy afternoon sports session.


The most fun part of climbing parks is obviously zip-lining. Too bad, that for zip-lining you need to climb up first. In Oberhausen there is even a 70 meter long zip-line for couples, so you can have a romantic slide with your sweetheart. But on these slides you go one by one. Weeeeeiiiiii…


Do you ever wonder what happens if you run out of speed in the middle of the zip-line? Agnès had a chance to practice how to pull yourself safely to the platform…


…and also what happens if you don’t remember to use your legs when you’re approaching the ground.


I instead demonstrated a textbook example of why you should investigate the next challenge a little bit beforehand, rather than just go for it blindly. Approximately 11 meters above the ground I realized that I had attached my safety ropes to the wrong cable and I wasn’t able to move on cause my safety ropes were blocking me. My heart was beating like crazy and my hands were shaking when I had to detach my safety ropes and the distance to the ground was… quite a lot. One tiny little mistake and oops!


But as usual, I survived and we were able to continue the track. Here are some pictures of Alex going pro:


As easy and simple as it might seem afterwards just by looking at the pictures, some of the tracks really sucked the strength out of us, even if Agnès and I are not the weakest ladies on Earth. Especially the right side challenge of the picture below guaranteed that there was no point in even trying to lift any heavy items the next day.


And finally, it’s time for the highlight of the day and go back where the story started. The most difficult track of the climbing park started with climbing 20 meters up on a web made of ropes. We couldn’t believe our eyes what was waiting for us once we reached the platform. There we were, 20 meters above the ground, having a little piece of surfboard hanging in front of us. The surfboard was attached to the main cable with a few ropes and it was swinging back and forth. What are we supposed to do here? The solution was very simple: climb on the surfboard, let go of the ropes and… hope to stay standing until you reach the next platform. Thank God I have done snowboarding for 15 winters!


After getting safely on the platform, our hearts were beating and we could feel the adrenaline flowing. But that’s the beauty of climbing parks, anyone can discover a little madcap inside oneself and exceed one’s limits. For example by surfing from tree to tree 20 meters off the ground. Would you dare to try?

Thanks for Agnès and Alex for a super fun day and super sore muscles. Also photo credits belong to this lovely couple. 

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    1. No, not at all but it might be less scary if you do! 🙂 The surfboard was just one challenge along a long climbing track, so after passing the surfing task you will continue the track towards the next challenge.

    1. Haha, I would be up for it anytime! Although now it would be a bit more difficult as I’m back in Finland…

    1. We seriously couldn’t believe our eyes when we saw that! Our options were to turn back, shout for help or just go for it. So we choose the third option. I love the feeling after you’ve done something you thought you wouldn’t dare.

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