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Five places I want to revisit, for a reason

First of all, I’d like to thank John from Continental Breakfast Travel for challenging me to think of 5 places that I’d love to revisit. When I first read about the Top Destinations to Go There blogging competition, organized by, I had two destinations that popped into my head immediately, without a doubt. The rest of the five took some time and consideration, as there are so many places I’ve never been to but also so many places I’d love to revisit. How to pick only a few?

Somehow I managed to make my decision. The order of my choices is purely random but here they are, the five places I want to revisit one day:

San Pedro de Alcántara, Spain

From a tourist’s point of view, San Pedro isn’t probably that amazing, but if you are looking for an authentic Spanish village, away from crowded beaches but still in the perfect climate of the Costa del Sol, San Pedro is your spot. And the location is great for many things to do – less than hour away from Gibraltar and the city of Málaga, walking distance to Puerto Banús and very short way to lively Marbella and the tranquility of the mountains. For me, personally, it’s the place where I spent a year of my life and absolutely loved it. I guarantee that one day I will return to San Pedro and fill myself up with the lovely memories, meet my friends at my old local and visit my old working place.

After all, San Pedro was the place where I first started living my dreams.

Dominican Republic


Dominican Republic, the Caribbean paradise, where the winter temperature is +35 degrees and the local people are wearing similar kinds of thick winter jackets as us Finns are wearing when it’s -30 degrees or even less. I can only wonder how hot it gets during the summer season

Dominican Republic

Lake Como, Italy

In July 2013, we made a two-week trip to Italy, Berlin and Poland. In Italy we stayed with our friends in Pavia, near Milan, and made a day trip to Lake Como. During our visit in Como, I was only able to think “oh, we should definitely come back here one day with time and make a trip around the lake.”

Lake views in Como

In Como you can have quite nice views over the lake by taking the funicular to the little village of Brunate, on top of a mountain, 715 meters above the sea level. I still regret we didn’t have time even for a small cruise at the lake, so in case you are planning to visit Como, reserve some time for that. The shores of the lake are full of beautiful villas and palaces, surrounded by stunning mountain views.

Riga, Latvia

Riga on Christmas

In 2010 we had a little bit of a different Christmas. Together with my brother, his girlfriend and her family, we replaced traditional Christmas with a boat trip to Riga and back. 22 hours on the boat, 6 hours in Riga and another 22 hours on the boat coming back to Finland. There’s no doubt 6 hours in Riga was a too short time and even though the Christmas market was amazing, I want to revisit Riga and see the beauty of the Latvian capital in summer.

Framed in Riga

Snowman in Riga


Bruges, Belgium

During my trip to Belgium a few months ago, I stepped back in time by visiting Bruges, the Northern Venice. I have never been to the real Venice, yet, but I absolutely loved the Belgium version of it. Why I would like to go there again? It’s not a place to visit by yourself! So I want to correct that mistake. In addition, an unfortunate head ache spoiled my day in Bruges and I feel I didn’t get the most out of it on my first visit.

2014-07-12 15.41.56

2014-07-13 10.34.18

Passing on the challenge

The five bloggers I’d like to ask the same question, which are the five places you’d love to revisit, are:


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  1. Amazing pics! I’m intrigued by the 5 places that I’d love to revisit idea! Thanks for sharing yours…Your photos make me dream of warm locales!
    Cheers from NYC and happy Monday,

    1. Hi Lia and thanks for your comments. You should definitely list yours and link your post to the competition page, you can find the link on my post – you might win iPhone 6! 🙂 I would love to read about your favourite destinations as well. Happy Monday to you too!

  2. Loved your post! Wondering which is your favourite spot in the Baltics? Haven’t been to any yet. The spot in Spain looks totally divine. It is now on my radar. Cheryl

    1. Oh, San Pedro will always have a special place in my heart! 🙂 I have been planning to write a detailed post about San Pedro, but I haven’t got into that one yet. I lived there for a year so I would have plenty of pictures at least. In the Baltics I definitely want to revisit Riga during summer. Tallinn is always a nice destination, you can find more posts about Tallinn too (and if you ever go to Tallinn, it’s so near Finland that you need to come here as well! 😉 ) Vilnius I haven’t seen yet, but it’s on my list, definitely!

    1. Bruges is a lovely place, I still haven’t revisited. But oh dear these old posts and photos are awful, haha! This post is perfect proof to myself that even if I’m still no pro with my camera, I’ve improved quite a bit over the years! 😀

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