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Allow yourself to be lazy – but not too often!

Does it often happen that you feel like doing nothing? You sit on the couch and before you even notice, you realize that you can’t get your ass up and you end up sitting there until it’s time to hit the bed? Sometimes it’s good to be lazy. Actually, it’s very important to allow yourself to relax and take it a bit easier every now and then. But the lazier you are, the lazier you get.

My sleepy boys ♡

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I am an active and sporty person, and normally full of energy. At the moment I work in cycles, so for two weeks I might have my hands full of work, and it keeps me occupied from the early morning until the late evening. But for the following two weeks I might be absolutely out of work. Having some ‘me time’. Not bad, huh? You would think I would publish many posts on this blog during those two weeks, right? The truth is a little bit different, unfortunately.

As said, sometimes I allow myself to sit on the couch and do absolutely nothing. Lately I have noticed that I am allowing myself to do that a little bit too much. Probably the word ‘allow’ is used a bit loosely here, as I have this nasty voice in my head that keeps telling me to do something. But I just can’t be bothered. The longer I stay on the couch, the harder it is to get up. I am thinking ‘I should post something on my blog’, but I soon realize that my head is absolutely empty. I look at my notebook where I have a long list of topics to write about. But I just can’t be bothered. Maybe tomorrow.

I play football a few times a week. On Mondays we have quite late training and last Monday I had a huge head ache. So I decided to skip football – and do nothing instead! That’s when I had my awakening moment. This can’t be right. This is not me!

Without even noticing I had given up my active way of living. My muscles were aching from doing nothing. I felt sleepy all the time. My head was absolutely out of ideas and inspiration. And a head ache, which is not common for me, made me skip football training, the thing I love the most!

The next morning I put on my sneakers and went running. After 5 minutes my brain was already feeding me ideas of what to write about, how to decorate my living room and what to cook for dinner tomorrow. It’s amazing what fresh air can do! After the run I planned a 3 week plank and push up challenge. And I took part in an ‘active Christmas calendar’, an event organized on Facebook, obviously starting from the 1st of December. I’m alive again!

The weather has a huge impact on the state of mind, and in Finland we are now living in the most boring season. There’s no snow yet, even if there should be. Everything is gray and miserable. So you will become like the weather. Boring and wretched. I can’t wait for the winter to start: the air becoming cold and fresh, having one meter of snow making everything bright and beautiful.

For you who have never been to Finland or any other Northern country during winter, I took some pictures to help you understand what I mean. A picture is worth a thousand words, right? What do you think, which of the pictures, taken exactly at the same spot, looks nicer and more inspiring?

fallvs.winter1 fallvs.winter2 fallvs.winter3 fallvs.winter4


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