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Setbacks are inevitable when pursuing dreams. How should they be handled?

How is it possible that every time you think everything is going well and being (at least close to) perfect, the worst happens!? As per Murphy’s law: if anything can go wrong, it will! Unfortunate, but true. And when the worst happens, it’s crucial how to handle the situation.

The last time this happened to me was right after I got my first freelance jobs. I opened my laptop full of excitement, ready to start writing my first article and BAM! My laptop kindly notified that my hard drive is about to stop functioning. Luckily I got the warning early enough to create a recovery disk. The one thing my laptop, bought a bit over 2 years ago, always reminded me to do, but I never did. And obviously the hard drive broke exactly 2 months after the guarantee had expired. Murphy’s law indeed.

A classic example: the one time you travel without insurance, your phone, purse, camera or all of them will get stolen. Yep, also that has happened to me. Always remember to make sure your insurance is covered prior to your trip. Always.

Last week I made a big confession how my couch nearly swallowed me for good. It all started with a flu, when I wasn’t able to do any sports for a couple of weeks. After the flu was gone, I still stayed on the couch. Suddenly I realized how lazy I had become and immediately lifted my ass up, put on my sneakers and went running. I decided to do something active every single day, created a 3 week push up and plank challenge and participated on a sporty Christmas calendar. And what happened then?

#jalkapallo on hieno laji! #ilovefootball #lazysunday

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Murphy’s law indeed!

An old injury, that hasn’t been bothering me for 15 years, decided to remind me of its’ existence! Just when I decided my new dream is soon to be able to do 100 push ups and have nice abs thanks to my challenge I created for myself. With a strained ankle and crutches I won’t be able to do that. Not even with my knees on the floor as my right knee looks like this:

 2014-11-30 14.42.05

Oh what did I do? I played football. Indoor football, actually. My team had two futsal games on Saturday. It’s a dangerous game and I can prove it. I wasn’t the only one who got injured during our second match. Luckily our goalie survived with only a concussion after getting kicked in the head, but this is how she had to end her game:

 2014-11-29 16.33.05

As said and now also proved, little setbacks are inevitable when pursuing dreams. They are part of our everyday life. But the way how to react on them is what determines your future. So no, there’s no reason to get depressed or give up, but to think positive and find other ways to work on your dreams until things get back to normal.

Well, at least now I have time to write articles. But I won’t play football for a while, that’s for sure. The sporty Christmas calendar started on Monday, the 1st of December. The first task was to run up 50 stairs  during the day. No, I wasn’t able to do that either. But crawling up the stairs with a crippled ankle hopefully counts, as it is hard work, I can tell. And I think my push up and plank challenge will be changed for a chin up challenge. It will be a double effort for me, as my chin up bar is located upstairs!

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  1. Sorry for your injury — and I agree: sometimes, our hopeful resolutions don’t get us very far. I was feeling discouraged, so thank you for the reminder to not let setbacks get me down.

    1. Hi Sandi and thanks for your comment. Oh well, setbacks will always happen, no matter how hard we try to avoid them. But what doesn’t kill us, will make us stronger, and in the end everything will be fine again. Or even better than before. So don’t let setbacks hit you too hard, sometimes they happen for a reason! 😉

    1. Thanks Lia! I’m already fed up with these crutches, to be honest! 😀 But hopefully my ankle will get better soon so that I could throw these stupid sticks away and play football again! 🙂 Thanks for your kind wishes and greetings from Finland!

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