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Where are you going to travel in 2015?

It’s the time of the year when all of the newspapers, travel agencies and websites are feeding the best destinations, the most affordable deals and the most luxurious hotels for 2015. So it’s difficult not to start planning your travels for the next year, especially if you are tempted even half as easily as I am! The world is full of amazing destinations to explore and oh boy, wouldn’t it be great to visit in every single one of them? Well, mission impossible, one might say. Anyway, travel tips are fun to read and thanks to them, you can get some really nice ideas for your future travels.

Since moving back to Finland in August, every single travel plan for this year has failed. First I was supposed to go to Stockholm, then I was supposed to go to Tallinn, and I was also planning to catch a last minute travel deal to somewhere warm. Whether the reason was a job interview agreed exactly for the date of travel, fully booked boat, losing a dear pet or having a sprained ankle, I wasn’t able to make any of these trips. But one thing is sure: before the end of the year I will definitely travel to Kihniö, which is a small municipality in western Finland where my mum has rented a cottage for Christmas and she asked me to visit for a couple of days.

In 2015 I will start working on my bucket list. I will start with the gems of the United Kingdom, that I haven’t yet visited, meaning Wales, Scotland and Ireland. Obviously I will take along my personal travel guide, my English boyfriend Daniel, who has also lived in Wales and who, the most importantly, knows how to drive a car on the wrong side of the road. In Scotland I can cross over a few things from my bucket list: Loch Ness, visiting the tiny little piece of land my brother and sister-in-law bought me for my 30th birthday and spending a night in a haunted house or hotel.

The thing is, when we are spending a night in a haunted house, it has to be either in Finland or in some English speaking country. There’s no way we would be able to understand a ghost communicating in Romanian or such. It’s surprisingly difficult to find a haunted hotel or mansion in Finland, but I trust in Scotland that will be easier. At least based on the ghost hunting programs we love to watch!

Also, in spring 2015 it will be three years since I last traveled outside Europe. That’s why I started my project Fiji, that I have been advertising a lot in social media. At the moment I’m in Top 2 in the leader board of this contest, so if you are kind enough, you can still help me to win a dream holiday in Fiji by clicking this link. Don’t forget to take part in the contest yourself while doing that.


How about you? Where are you going to travel in 2015?

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  1. haha.. ‘who knows to drive on the wrong side of the road’ 😀
    Well Good to know that you are in the top list. And all the best for your 2015 travels and Fiji contest 🙂

  2. Your post makes me dream of vacation, away from winter’s chill! I’m sure you’ll have an awesome vacation, wherever you go!
    I’d love to see Turkey and Greece!

    1. Thanks Lia. Aren’t vacations always awesome? 😀 I haven’t been to Turkey or Greece either! If I had been able to do my last minute trip, I think it would have been one of those options. But… some other time, maybe next year! And because it’s still worth enjoying the moments when you can’t travel, tonight’s plan is to check out the local Christmas market! I will post some pictures of it later! 😉 Have a great weekend, Lia!

  3. So happy you are going to see more of the UK next year – Wales is one of my favourite countries in the world (especially Beddgelert, Criccieth, Harlech Castle & Porthmadog). Sorry to hear all your travel plans failed 🙁 but at least maybe that is money you can save for next year?

    I’m thinking about travel plans for next year but I can’t make up my mind… too many places to go…

    P.S. We drive on the correct side of the road… everyone else is wrong.

    1. Thanks for the tips to Wales, John. Do you happen to know any haunted hotels over there? (Although… I wouldn’t understand a Welsh ghost either! 😀 )

      Don’t forget to include Rauma in your travel destinations for 2015! 😉 After all this year has been great. Half a year in Düsseldorf, visiting Belgium and Switzerland for the first time and let’s not forget many amazing new friends I got! Pretty great year indeed!

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