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Elves in the night: Rauma Christmas market

I recently realized one huge mistake I have made with this blog: despite of the kayaking trips and views of the archipelago, I haven’t written much about my beautiful home town Rauma. What makes this little West coast town very special is the old town, with its’ wooden buildings and little boutiques. The old town of Rauma is also one of UNESCO’s World Heritage sites. As it is located by the sea, Rauma is an especially beautiful summer destination, but the idyllic Old Rauma is a wonderful place to visit any time of the year. Last Friday, the 12th of December, the market place was taken over by the traditional ‘Night of the Elves’ and Christmas market, so I decided to crawl out of my cave and hit the town.


The actual Christmas fair is yet to come, but thanks to the lights, market stalls and Christmas carols this small event was filled with Christmassy feelings. Even if we had rain instead of snow, the old town was crowded with people. (I’m still counting on a white Christmas… *crossing fingers*)

2014-12-12 19.50.21

2014-12-12 19.48.50

On the ‘Night of the Elves’ many shops and boutiques keep their doors open until late. The market is limited to the market square, so there are not many additional stalls but the cozy atmosphere compensates the size of this event. The best picture of the Christmas market is provided by Café Sali, a restaurant located right at the market place (Photo credit: Tarmo Thorström).

Rauma Christmas fair will take place on Saturday the 20th of December. In addition to the market square and old town, the fair will spread along the canal flowing through the town centre. Can’t wait to get there, I have my Christmas hat ready!

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  1. Thanks, Lia. The only thing we are missing is snow, it feels so absurd not to have snow in mid December. It’s Finland, come on! 😀 But luckily nothing can stop the holiday spirit, you got that right! 🙂 I found myself exploring the last minute travel deals again…

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