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Accommodation, bargain and ghost hunting in Helsinki

I received the tickets to the Nordic Travel Fair just a couple of days prior to the event. What do you think, how easy it would be to find a low budget accommodation in Helsinki, the capital of Finland, during a busy fair weekend? Well, mission difficult, but not impossible!

We got a great deal between Saturday and Sunday at Stadion Hostel, that is located at the Olympic stadium. This hostel seemed like a perfect solution for us, thanks to free parking and short distance to the fair. Going by tram to the fair and to the city centre was so easy, that even us ‘small town bumpkins’ were able to come and go without problems. But the best news is yet to come: I found out that the hostel is haunted! Yay! I have mentioned a few times about our plans to stay in a haunted hotel. When driving to Helsinki, I wasn’t entirely sure of which I was more excited about: the travel fair or the ghosts!

Stadion Hostel in Helsinki is the only hostel in the world that is located at the Olympic stadium. At least the only haunted one!

As the best time to carry out our ghost hunt would be at dusk, after dropping off our luggage we headed directly to the travel fair. We were able to buy 24 hours ticket to the public transport at the hostel reception, and the staff gave us very clear instructions how to get there.

2hh Stadion Hostel
Source: Stadion Hostel

Even though I’m always looking for the cheapest way to travel, I’m not very experienced with hostels. Actually, this was my first time ever staying at a hostel in Finland. Having nothing to compare with, I can say the hostel was very cost-effective. The only slight disappointment was the buffet breakfast, which wasn’t such great quality. But it was inexpensive (6,80 €) and we had enough to eat to get energy for a long day at a fair.

Well ok, personally my biggest disappointment was not to find any ghosts. We really tried to summon the ghost to visit us, but we didn’t notice anything abnormal. Better luck next time! So at least for now I will keep the night at a haunted hotel on my bucket list, and wish we’ll be luckier in Scotland, which is one of our planned travel destinations for this year.

Stadion Hostel is providing a lot of information about the events and things to see and do in Helsinki. The information is also available in English (and some additional languages as well). We spotted a piece of information telling about a flea market at the ice hockey stadium located right next to the hostel. The flea market is organized almost every Saturday and Sunday. What an amazing idea! Most of the huge ice hockey stadiums (and we have MANY of them in Finland!) are absolutely empty outside ice hockey matches and occasional concerts or other events, so I think a flea market is a great way of exploiting the building. A little peek inside the flea market:

2015-01-18 10.40.34

2015-01-18 10.42.22

Even though we didn’t see or experience any ghosts, my Star Wars maniac boyfriend Daniel got some comfort when we bumped into a Stormtrooper on the streets of Helsinki. What a great picture to end the report with:

Photo 17-01-2015 22 10 44

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