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The three things I love about my favourite…

If you look back at all the places you have lived in or visited, what is your favourite city in the whole world? Can you easily name the three things that make your favourite place the best city in the world? What are the top three features you love so much, that you would never get tired of returning to your favourite city?

I spent a few days comparing my favourite cities of all time, but I found it too difficult to name only one. So instead, I came up with the three things I love the most in the three cities I love the most. And here they are:


Amazing beaches with beautiful sunsets and a touch of nature, like in Estepona, Spain

When I was living in Spain a couple of years ago, there was one thing that helped me to relax after a long day at work and forget my worries when feeling homesick: amazing beaches with beautiful sunsets. That is something I always look for when planning my travels. Who wouldn’t love beaches? These pictures are taken in Estepona, at the beach next to my apartment. I used to consider it as my private beach, as it was very quiet and I hardly ever saw other people there. Especially at the time of the sunset.






A little bit of unique history, like the old town Vanha Rauma with its’ wooden buildings

Of course one of my favourite cities is my hometown of Rauma, Finland. The heart of Rauma is the old town, Vanha Rauma, with its’ wooden buildings, little boutiques and narrow cobblestone streets. Vanha Rauma (Old Rauma) is also listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and I could warmly recommend anyone to visit there when planning a trip to Finland. To give you the best view of our beautiful old town, instead of my poor pictures, I will show you some shots from a professional photographer Shayne Thomas, who used to live here for a few years:


Vanha Rauma bridge crossing by Shayne Thomas
Vanha Rauma bridge crossing by Shayne Thomas


Sundowner in Vanha Rauma by Shayne Thomas
Sundowner in Vanha Rauma by Shayne Thomas


Streetview Vanha Rauma by Shayne Thomas
Streetview Vanha Rauma by Shayne Thomas


Outdoor market with amazing bargains and tasty finger food, like in Camden Market, London

I have been visiting London quite many times, thanks to my English boyfriend. But I don’t mind at all, I love London! No matter how often you go there, you can always find something new and exciting to explore. About a year ago I visited Camden Market for the very first time in my life. I absolutely loved it! I enjoy any kind of outdoor markets, where you can wander around, without an urge to buy, but having a possibility to find amazing bargains and tasty finger food with very little money. I could spend a whole day in a market like this, and believe me, I am NOT much of a shopper. At Camden, I purchased my pink camouflage shoulder bag that I have been using every single day since. A real 12 pounds treasure!


Camden Market by James_London
Camden Market by James_London (Flickr)


My Camden bag
My Camden bag


Samosas at Camden Market
Having Samosas at Camden Market


These are the three things I love about my favourite cities. If you know a place that has all three features, please give me a hint, no matter where in the world it is! I want to visit there!

What is the city you will never get tired of visiting? And what are the three things you love about it the most? I’d love to hear about it!

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