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Low budget traveler’s unbearable difficulty of choice

Have your travel plans ever floundered due to difficulty of choice?

It would be so nice to have a relaxing weekend getaway in a spa. It would be exactly what we need right now, so I start checking offers for spas in neighbouring towns. Soon I realize, that it would be relatively cheaper to go to Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, for the weekend. And it would be nice to go outside Finnish borders as well.

It’s fairly easy to find affordable spa packages in Tallinn from Friday until Sunday. Prior to booking, I need to check the boat ticket prices between Helsinki and Tallinn. I notice that I could get one day cruise for less than 10 euros, but choosing the return for a different date will double the costs of the spa weekend. Especially when adding the costs of fuel or bus tickets between Rauma and Helsinki harbour. I figure out that we could spend a weekend in Riga or Prague for the same price, flights and hotel included.

When checking for last minute travel deals I realize that for the price of a weekend in Eastern Europe, we could spend a full week in Barcelona, Lisbon or Alanya. I start pondering could it be possible to arrange everything so that we would be able to spend a full week on our trip, instead of weekend only. The total costs would be the same as for a spa weekend in Finland, so for sure, with the same amount of money spent, I would rather go a bit further for a longer period.

I bump into an amazing offer for the island of Koh Samui in Thailand. I’m thinking it would be just stupid to go that far for one week only, so we would need to stay there at least for 10 days! And a beach holiday would be such a better option than a weekend in a spa, right? So tempting!

In the evening I discover I have wasted the whole day checking for last minute travel deals looking for the best offer available. I can’t help wondering how on earth I ended up from the website of the nearest spa to then planning a two-week holiday in Asia? I decide to think about it over night and continue the next day with fresh eyes and mind.

In the morning I go back to square one and start the whole process from scratch. When the day comes to an end, I realize I have gone through exactly the same steps as the day before. Maybe I have expanded my selection of choices to New York or Dubai. But the result remains the same: my head is messed up, but no trips are booked. That’s two days wasted.

Without even realizing, I’m getting distracted by the most tempting deals to more and more intriguing destinations, being incapable of deciding what I really want. A thought about a weekend in a spa doesn’t seem so fascinating anymore, when comparing to a beach holiday in Thailand, even if a relaxing weekend was exactly what we needed in the first place.

Once again I decide to make my final choice the next day. Who knows what amazing offers I’ll find tomorrow. Weekend is getting closer, and my head is filled up with countless options from Finland to Fiji.

Today, the amazing offers from yesterday are gone. The boat tickets are even more expensive. Weekend is nearly here, and I’m running out of options. Is the unbearable difficulty of choosing driving us to spend the weekend on the couch and falling asleep next to TV as we did last weekend? When did planning a weekend getaway become this difficult?

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    1. So I’m not the only one struggling with the issue and getting distracted! 🙂 It’s great to have so many affordable options, but sometimes it feels there are too many. What to do when you want to go everywhere and all the time, but it’s just impossible!? Well, we managed to book our holiday eventually. More information about that is yet to come so stay tuned! 😉

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