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Revealing the destination and highlights of the upcoming weekend getaway

For three long days I was struggling in the whirlpool of tempting travel deals. It all started with an idea of a relaxing Valentine’s Day, which is kind of an anniversary for me and Daniel, in one of the nearest spas. Somehow I got lost in the whirlpool of attractive offers all the way to Thailand, but eventually we managed to book our little holiday.

On Friday we’ll be heading for Helsinki harbour and take a boat to Tallinn, the capital of Estonia. It’s been quite few years since my last trip to Tallinn, and despite of 11 years in Finland and working with a bunch of Estonians, for my British boyfriend it will be the first visit in Tallinn ever. So it’s going to be interesting and I’m really looking forward to our trip.


With our choice of destination I can also prove at least a few points being true in my earlier post about the reasons why Finns love to visit Tallinn over and over again. But the real highlights of the weekend getaway are:

1. First trip with my new camera

I can give a proper test drive to my brand new Nikon D7000 camera, rather than just keep taking amateur pictures of my cats and the level of snow in my back yard. I’m only learning to use my new camera that arrived by post a couple of days ago, so please don’t expect any professional pictures of our trip! I can’t wait the photographing course to start in two week’s time, so hopefully the quality of images in this blog will be noticeably better from spring. As long as the teacher will be patient with this student.

2. A night with bubbles

On Friday we’ll be staying in a Jacuzzi equipped ZEN room in Kreutzwald hotel. Even a thought about a glass of sparkling surrounded by bath bubbles, without having to listen any fighting cats, makes me feel relaxed from toes to nose. I have heard Kreutzwald being a lovely place, so I can’t wait for our stay in the hotel.

3. Revisiting Kalev Spa

On Saturday we’ll stay in Kalev Spa, where I have visited once before a few years back. That time I was travelling with my mum, so I’m expecting this spa weekend to be a bit different from my previous visit. But it will be interesting to see how years have been treating one of the most popular spa hotels in Tallinn.

Thinking of how long did it take before deciding our final getaway destination, I can only guess how we’ll do with booking a massage and other spa treatments. As we are going for a spa holiday, we need to indulge ourselves with at least a couple of different treatments, especially when having a knot it my neck and fluff between my toes. Best of luck for the spa personnel, we’re coming!

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  1. Oh what an amazing Valentine’s Day trip!! Enjoy the spa, your new camera and the zen hotel:) We look forward to your photos of beautiful Tallinn!
    Bon voyage!!

    1. Thanks Lia. It’s nice to have a little trip outside Finnish borders, it’s quite a while since last time. And it will be interesting to stay in two different spa hotels, to have a little something to compare! 😉 I can’t wait!

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