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Live now – dream later stays online but isn't updating anymore. Saana currently works as the editor-in-chief and writes exclusively for responsible travel media Valpas at

Why reading and commenting blogs is worthwhile? Live now – dream later! reader earned a dream holiday!

In January I wrote about a competition organized by Momondo, where readers had a chance to win flights to their dream destination. Participation was nice and easy: leave a comment and hope for the best!

Well, guess what!? Last night I received some very delightful news from Momondo: one of my readers really won return tickets for the destination of dreams! Momondo has informed the lucky winner personally.

Even if I have to admit I’m a little bit jealous, I want to express my HEARTFELT CONGRATULATIONS for the happy camper! It’s absolutely amazing, that the winner of the competition is one of my readers. I’m sure you’ll have a wonderful trip!

In case the luck wasn’t on your side this time, don’t get depressed. Remember to keep following the blog and maybe the next prize will be yours!

Congratulations once again for the winner! I wish you have a nice holiday in your dream destination!

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