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Finding ZEN and inner peace in Kreutzwald Hotel Tallinn

A few months ago I presented some reasons why Finns love to travel to Tallinn over and over again. As it’s important to prove such lists to be true, together with my boyfriend Daniel we decided to have a short but relaxing spa getaway in Tallinn. During our two-night trip we tested two different spa hotels. The first one of them was a cozy and comfortable Kreutzwald Hotel Tallinn on the Southern side of the old town.

Why Kreutzwald Hotel Tallinn?

When planning our trip, I bumped into Kreutzwald Hotel Tallinn several times and noticed the hotel often has quite nice offers.  It seemed pretty perfect for our purposes, and we were truly allured by the Jacuzzi equipped ZEN rooms. Luckily one of them was still available, even though we left the booking quite late, as usual. We were extremely happy with our choice as the reviews of other visitors seemed to be very good.


In case you a looking for a busy and lively hotel in the city centre, keep looking. Looking from the harbour, Kreutzwald is located on the other side of the old town of Tallinn, a little bit remote but still within a walking distance from the centre. You can reach the edge of the old town by foot in five minutes and the heart of the old town in ten. Public transport is easily reachable as well. As we’re not afraid of a little walk, we found the location very sufficient. It also gave us a good reason to see other parts of the town that we hadn’t seen before. In case you’re into shopping, you might like the shopping centre Kristiine that is located very near to the hotel, only couple minutes by foot. A free bus runs a few times a day between the harbour and Kristiine, as a tip in case you are arriving by boat.

The first impression

We tried our luck and arrived to the hotel a lot before the announced check-in time. It was worth it, as our room was ready and we got in right away. What a pleasant surprise! The cozy lobby and friendly personnel made us feel very welcome and we were excited and happy to properly start our weekend holiday.

Finding ZEN and inner peace in Kreutzwald Hotel Tallinn | Live now – dream later travel blog

ZEN room

What a bed! Believe it or not, but the bed with its huge pillows is the first thing I have to mention. It didn’t only allow us a great night sleep, but also an over long nap (well, we had woken up at 3 am so we really needed that nap). Tidy and spacious room seemed really good for our purposes and the wireless internet was working without any problems (very important feature to us Finns). The only slight disappointment was the core of the ZEN room, the Jacuzzi and the ZEN itself.

Finding ZEN and inner peace in Kreutzwald Hotel Tallinn | Live now – dream later travel blog

The Jacuzzi turned out to be a bath tub with bubbles. We were both able to fit in, but it wasn’t very comfortable. The hotel has also rooms with spacious corner Jacuzzi, but I guess it’s then a feature of the ZEN suite rather than a ZEN room. On the Finnish website it was defined as a Jacuzzi (yes, we do have different words for both models) so that was what we were expecting.

Finding ZEN and inner peace in Kreutzwald Hotel Tallinn | Live now – dream later travel blog

The size of the Jacuzzi wasn’t the only disappointment in the bathroom. We were sad to notice that we weren’t able to have the atmospheric ZEN lightning with the spotlights on the ceiling at the same time the bubble bath was on. So our options were to have fizzy bath with full bathroom lights or the fancy ZEN illumination with normal bath.

We chose the bubbles and had some fizzy drinks, crackers and cheese to accompany our bath. My honest opinion about the ZEN experience: the ZEN itself might have been a little lost, but the inner peace and relaxation were definitely present, fully taking over our bodies, minds and souls.

Finding ZEN and inner peace in Kreutzwald Hotel Tallinn | Live now – dream later travel blog

Other services

Buffet breakfast was included in the room price and I have no bad comments about it. The breakfast was tasty and generous, and the service was good. No food ran out and the empty plates disappeared from the table before you even noticed. The breakfast gave us enough energy to explore the wonders of Tallinn for the whole day.

Finding ZEN and inner peace in Kreutzwald Hotel Tallinn | Live now – dream later travel blog

The Spa area of the hotel includes some basic treatments, Finnish sauna, steam sauna and Japanese pool, all with additional costs. If using the spa had been included in the room price, for sure we would have taken the advantage of it. This time we didn’t feel it was worth the additional cost. The bubbly bath and fizzy drinks were enough for us to relax, which was the main purpose of our weekend holiday.

To sum up our experience, despite of little disappointments, we were happy with our choice and I could warmly recommend Kreutzwald for a romantic and relaxing getaway. If travelling with kids or planning a big party weekend, I would look for a different hotel with a bit more action. What kind of action, it depends who are you travelling with, kids or party posse.

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  1. Looks like a great time overall even despite the little disappointing parts… By the way, What a nice cheese plate with the bubbly as well as the breakfast pic! Looks yummy!
    Glad you enjoyed Tallinn and the romantic weekend!

  2. Oh the trip was great, little disappointments are inevitable when travelling. When you know it, you don’t let it hit too hard on you. 🙂 And after all, it’s the little things that matter. Like bubbly drink with cheese! 😀

  3. Pretty much! 🙂 I was wondering if you had this kind of bubbly bath at home, would it be one of those things you first overuse and after a month of daily use get bored and never use it again… 😀 Just to clarify that comment, we don’t usually have a bath tub in the apartments in Finland, shower and sauna is more common combination here.

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