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More fulfilling dreams and travel plans! PING!

Perhaps you know the feeling when things aren’t working out quite the way you wanted. A couple of bad days and you are already thinking about throwing away all your dreams and goals. You’re just about to give up with all the things you nearly got going well before a little setback hit you. And suddenly the great new reaches you, encouraging to keep going and stay on the road you’ve chosen.

Yep, a lot has happened during the past few weeks, even if due to getting sick (not so nice) and being extremely busy with work (very nice) the blog has been a bit quiet lately. This will change, I promise. The following weeks will bring, not only my blog back to life, but also lots of new challenges and chances and most importantly – new travels!

Back to Tallinn!
Back to Tallinn!

Earlier this week I received the extremely great news about my blog being chosen to a first ever PING event for bloggers and other content producers, top social media contributors, specialists and entrepreneurs in Finland and also abroad. For me personally, being chosen to this event is a huge thing, and I can’t wait to get there and meet all the fellow bloggers and other participants.

The letters PING stand for People, Interests, Gathering and Network. The event will take place in Tallinn (and on the boat between Helsinki and Tallinn) in a couple of weeks, so a new trip to Tallinn got confirmed a lot sooner than I imagined. After all, it’s been already a month since I visited there last time!

And because I need to travel to Helsinki for this event, I am practically half way abroad already, so why not to take advantage of being that close to the airport. So, last night we booked flights from Helsinki to Copenhagen for that exact weekend. My plan is to head to the airport directly from the after party and catch the morning plane to Denmark, first time ever. I’ve been planning a trip to Copenhagen for so long, but the flights have always been too expensive for me. This time we found an amazing deal through Momondo, return flights for 88 euros per person, so I couldn’t miss the opportunity!


Sankt Peders Straede. Photo by John from Continental Breakfast Travel
Sankt Peders Straede. Photo by John from Continental Breakfast Travel.


Nyhavn from a boat tour. Photo by John from Continental Breakfast Travel
Nyhavn from a boat tour. Photo by John from Continental Breakfast Travel.

The good news isn’t over yet! Yesterday I also heard I will be able to participate in another event that is organized here in my home town Rauma on this upcoming Wednesday. The purpose of the event is to develop and introduce the region I live in from the perspective of travel and tourism. As a travel blogger and travel journalist, I’m very excited to be part of this ‘invitees only’ occasion.

The keynote speaker of this event will be a Finnish television chef Jyrki Sukula, who is often referred as the ‘Finnish Gordon Ramsay. Gordon is one of my absolute favourites, and Jyrki Sukula is the chef hosting the Finnish versions of Kitchen Nightmares and Hotel Hell. I have to be honest, he hasn’t really impressed me on those programs. So let’s see, maybe he’ll convince me better in real life! ;)

I’m so excited about all the upcoming events and trips, and all this news was again a good reminder for me, as well as for you reading this post, not to give up even if things aren’t always working out as we wish. There will always be a sunny day after the storm and rain, so never give up on your dreams! Not every day can be perfect.

PS. Tips for a spring-like Copenhagen are more than welcome! Great forums for discussion are, among others, the comments section below and Live now – dream later! Facebook page.

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