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Why is Kalev Spa one of Tallinn’s most popular spas? My point of view.

In mid-February we spent a relaxing weekend getaway in Tallinn, Estonia. During our visit we tested two spa hotels, which were very different from each other. The first night we spent in Kreutzwald Hotel Tallinn. For the second day and night we headed for one of Tallinn’s most popular spa hotels, Kalev Spa.

I was very excited about our visit in Kalev Spa, as I have stayed there once before with my mum. It was quite many years ago, so my recollection of the hotel was a bit poor. I didn’t even have any pictures from the trip, thanks to my own clumsiness. A few years ago I dropped my external hard drive on the floor and lost every single picture since having my first digital camera. Great. You’d think you got smarter after that kind of disappointment, but guess what? I still keep all of my pictures on one specific hard drive. (*Note to self: make backup copies of your pictures and store them somewhere safe!*)

For this post I had to borrow a few pictures from Kalev Spa website, as they are better quality, and I didn’t dare to take my camera with me for example to the water park.

Kalev Spa – one of the most popular spa hotels in Tallinn, Estonia | Live now – dream later travel blog
Source: Kalev Spa.

Once again we arrived at the hotel a lot before the check-in time and once again it was worth it. Our room was ready for us and we got in right away. The room was really spacious, even though my snapshot below doesn’t give enough credit for the size of the room. It was located on the corner of the building, so we had two different views of the old town, very nice.

I also want to point out that the room was very peaceful. We were a bit worried that we’d need to wake up way too early due to the noise of early birds staying at the hotel, as our room was located right next to the breakfast room. But we didn’t hear a sizzle, so points for that as well!

Kalev Spa – one of the most popular spa hotels in Tallinn, Estonia | Live now – dream later travel blog

So our first impression of the hotel was excellent, but it doesn’t paint the full picture of the reasons why Kalev Spa is one of Tallinn’s most popular spas. Here are the reasons from my perspective:

1. Location, location, location

When travelling to Tallinn by boat, as Finnish people do, you directly head for the old town. Kalev Spa is located right between the harbour and the old town, right at the edge of the old city centre. There’s nothing to argue, the location is absolutely perfect. Thanks to the bright green sign, the hotel is very easy to spot when walking from the harbour towards the old town of Tallinn.

2. Water park

The pool and sauna section of the hotel is pretty nice. There’s a diverse variety of different pools, from exercise purposes to relaxing Jacuzzis, children’s pools and water slides, which makes the water park perfect for all swimmers, as well as families. The water park is also popular among locals, so in case you are looking for quiet and peaceful swimming and sauna moments, it’s better to aim to bathe in the morning or evening to avoid the rush hours.

Kalev Spa – one of the most popular spa hotels in Tallinn, Estonia | Live now – dream later travel blog
Water park. Source: Kalev Spa.

3. Value for money

In case the biggest criteria when choosing a hotel is to have good value for money, Kalev Spa is a great option. Besides a breakfast buffet, also the use of water park and saunas, gym and water gymnastics are included to the room price. Whether you want to use all the services, it’s totally up to you. For example in our case we had to skip the gym and water gymnastics due to our short visit. But during my first visit a few years ago I did take full advantage of them. Anyway, having this all included to the room price is great value for money, especially if you are staying for several days in Tallinn.

Kalev Spa – one of the most popular spa hotels in Tallinn, Estonia | Live now – dream later travel blog
Breakfast. Source: Kalev Spa

Buffet breakfast is served in the restaurant located on the 4th floor. Prepare for breakfast with a little bit of patience, as the food and drinks available are set in a bit tight and unpractical area. Also a simple “start here” policy is missing, which causes hungry visitors to bump into each other with a full cup of coffee and loaded plates. I was missing a little more variety to the selection, but in its entirety the breakfast was tasty and it filled us up nicely for our long way back home.

4. Good selection of treatments

As per my own research, the Wellness services in Kalev Spa are quite affordable when comparing the other spas in central Tallinn. The cost of 45 minutes classical massage was 30 euros, and as the whole purpose of our trip was to relax, we definitely reached our target. After the massage I had to walk back to the room by holding walls, as my legs weren’t carrying me properly (to avoid any misunderstandings, this was due to massage and relaxed feeling, nothing else). You can find a wide range of different body and beauty treatments as well as health centre’s services.

Thanks to the diversity of Kalev Spa, as well as affordable prices, services included to the room price and the excellent location, I’m not wondering why Kalev Spa is one of Tallinn’s most popular spa hotels. It’s a wonderful choice for an active holiday, but also for relaxing. On the other hand, due to the features mentioned above, there is a lack of intimacy. So it might not be an ideal option for a romantic getaway, where the couple wants to spend quality time in privacy. For me personally, the only thing I’m a bit sad about is the short length of our stay. I would have loved to have more time to benefit of the gym and other services available. But as this was our own choice, I can’t blame anyone else for that. Next time I’ll be wiser!

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    1. Thanks Lia. There was actually quite a lot going on in the water park, too bad I couldn’t take my camera there. For example sort of mini version of a bungee jump above the pool, and a huge ball where you can go inside and move around on the surface of the water, like a little hamster! 😀

      1. OMG I’d love it! I went to a similar place in both Italy and Switzerland and I was like a kid again! The USA doesn’t have much spa culture… It’s too bad!

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