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“Finnish Gordon Ramsay” jumped out of the telly, climbed on stage and impressed me!

You can make you dreams come true, you just need to believe in yourself…

Such a cliché, right?

Or is it just a cliché after all? Could you really make your dreams come true instead of just talking about it? Why couldn’t you? Many other people are doing it!

Make your dreams come true! ”Finnish Gordon Ramsay" jumped out of the telly, climbed on stage and impressed me! | Live now – dream later travel blogI had a chance to participate in an interesting event organized for the entrepreneurs working in the travel industry in my county, Satakunta. This seminar was the closure of a two-year project that aimed to build co-operation and an active network within the local tourism industry.

This countryside area where I live in, is located in the South-West coast of Finland. Obviously we have the sea right next to us, an amazingly beautiful archipelago and UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites like Vanha Rauma, but we also have so much more to offer for travelers. I feel that sometimes even us locals tend to forget the beauty of the surrounding nature and its possibilities. People always remember to complain, when something isn’t right, but at the same time they close their eyes from something amazing we have that others don’t. Us locals, people from Satakunta, are truly privileged – we just don’t always realize to appreciate it enough!

The keynote speaker of the seminar was Jyrki Sukula, one of the first and most famous Finnish TV chefs (I remember him being a chef in the morning TV in 1991, when I started school and went to first grade).

He was talking about the importance of quality in travel businesses. I mentioned earlier how I was waiting for his performance with mixed feelings, as Jyrki Sukula is hosting the Finnish formats of Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares and Hotel Hell. The Finnish versions really haven’t convinced me, mostly annoyed me, which is why I’ve only watched a couple of episodes and never tried again.

But what happened? The Finnish version of Gordon Ramsay jumped out of telly, climbed on stage and really impressed me! The speech was spot on! It was so inspirational, that I wanted to share the best bits with you!

Even though he was speaking as a chef to an audience consisting of entrepreneurs in the travel industry, nearly every tip can be adapted to an ordinary person’s everyday life. So keep on reading, you don’t need to be an entrepreneur, a blogger or have any kind of relation to tourism. You can still get something out of this.

Well, the attention of the audience is guaranteed, when a famous TV chef starts by showing a naked picture of himself, taken years ago, and admitting that if he wanted to change something in his body, it would be “smaller boobs and bigger balls”.

Make your dreams come true! ”Finnish Gordon Ramsay" jumped out of the telly, climbed on stage and impressed me! | Live now – dream later travel blog

The lesson learned: you need to learn to be humble and receive criticism. But you also need to learn to laugh at yourself. It’s going to be a long and bumpy road, if you are too serious. But you shouldn’t make yourself a total joke either. Unless you’re part of Jackass group.

Sukula also reminded the audience to be proud of their roots. Never be ashamed of where you come from or what have you done earlier – all that is part of your history and has made you what you are today.

So many times I’ve been thinking where would I be now if I hadn’t moved to Spain in 2011 and done what I did back then. Or where would I be right now if I hadn’t returned to Satakunta after living 4 years in a bigger town called Tampere as a teenager. Would I be right here, where I am now?

Because right now I’m pretty close to where I want to be. I’ve made mistakes, but maybe I’ve made exactly the mistakes I was supposed to make. Would I have gotten this far, if I hadn’t made those mistakes?

Which leads us to the next lesson:

If you have succeeded in everything you have done, you’ve never really tried!

Allow yourself to fail, because that’s how you learn. Learn to recognize when you’ve succeeded extremely well. Another lesson learned, with free wording:

Prizes and awards do not prove that you have succeeded in something. The most important is to know yourself when you’ve done well. Build your own indicators to help you monitor when you’re heading the wrong way, and when you’re on your way to success.

And in case you are heading in the wrong way, admit it and change. No matter whether it’s about your career or personal life.

Do not be satisfied with only surviving, but make sure you’re not either performing too much. Don’t do things people expect you to do, only do things that matter to you and help you forward.

Think about what you’re doing and why. If you can’t answer the question ‘why’, you are doing the wrong thing. Think about what you really WANT to do. Once you’ve figured that out, you’re half way to the goal, or at least heading the right way!

Where do you get your motivation from?

Dreaming is fun, but living the dream is much more fun!

Nothing cheers you up like the feeling you have when you’re just about to achieve exactly what you’ve always dreamed of. There will always be bumps on the road and there will always be days when you feel like giving up and a bit anxious. But those feelings only mean you care about the thing you’re doing. It matters to you!

If the obstacles you face don’t make you anxious, if you feel nothing or you feel you don’t care, then stop. Then you are not doing what you are supposed to do!

Any thoughts on this? Do you believe that dreams come true? What have you done—or what are you planning to do—to make your dreams reality?

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Make your dreams come true! ”Finnish Gordon Ramsay" jumped out of the telly, climbed on stage and impressed me! | Live now – dream later travel blog

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