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Fairytale of Copenhagen: poetic Nyhavn

My mind was being little hazy,
I came up with idea crazy.
Even though it will take time,
Copenhagen made me rhyme.

In the capital of beautiful Denmark,
Nyhavn is my favourite landmark.
There’s no place I’d rather be,
than this lovely old harbour by the sea.

Nyhavn Copenhagen Denmark

In early spring the wind was freezing,
we sat on terrace under heating.
Admiring the colourful view,
we had a beer, or maybe two.

Beer Nyhavn Copenhagen Denmark

Streetview Nyhavn Copenhagen Denmark

The old wooden ships and buildings so bright,
I just couldn’t leave them out of my sight.
The view in Nyhavn is like in toy land,
like the one they have built with blocks of LEGO brand.


Despite the landscape looking so nice,
I started to fancy crispy French fries.
We needed to eat, not to get wasted,
that’s when we had the best burgers ever tasted!

Best hamburger ever Nyhavn Copenhagen
Nyhavn Copenhagen restaurant

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