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Copenhagen’s ode to happiness: #Happywall

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If you’re wondering what to do in Copenhagen for free, something that truly gets you in a good mood, #Happywall is one of the many tips I’m going to give you.

The Happy Wall is located at the end of the shopping street, at the square called Kongens Nytorv (King’s New Square). The wall consists of nearly 2 000 wooden boards that you can flip over. The boards are black on one side and coloured on the other side. By flipping the boards, anyone can leave their message of happiness to the world.

So did we, when we were wandering along the streets of Copenhagen and bumped into this happy wall.


What to do in Copenhagen for free? Go to #Happywall and leave your message to the world.

What to do in Copenhagen for free? Go to #Happywall and leave your message to the world.


The Happy Wall was conceived and executed by Danish musician Thomas Dambo. Copenhagen’s Happy Wall is built from the remnants of the Tuborg Cinema stage at Roskilde Festival 2013. Since then, Dambo has created another Happy Wall in Las Vegas. He thinks every city should have their own Happy Wall.

I can’t disagree with the gentleman. At least in Finland, a happy wall should be required by law in each town to cheer us up in the middle of the dark and cold winter.

There are thousands of pictures on Instagram with the hashtag #Happywall. So when visiting Copenhagen, remember to spread the happiness of the Happy Wall by creating your own message!




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