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Avoid travel failures: do not travel wrong!

Last weekend I read an interesting post about travelling wrong. The writer is a Finnish travel blogger Travellover.

To be honest, I have never ever thought there could be something wrong with travelling. Or that you could possibly do it the wrong way! Unless someone is travelling with criminal intentions, but that’s a whole different story.

It seems like I have been quite a lucky traveler, as the topic raised up an active discussion, and many travelers reported they are experiencing this awful problem that is spreading like wildfire: travelling wrong.

The post is unfortunately in Finnish only, but to cut a long story short, the writer is telling about people criticizing pretty much everything about her travels. It’s wrong, how much she travels. It’s wrong where she travels. It’s wrong how she travels.

Other travelers continued the list on the comments section. They have stayed in the wrong hotel or in wrong part of the city, seen the wrong attractions, done the wrong things, traveled the wrong time of the year and stayed in their destination for too long or too short. The list is endless.

wakeboarding aktiiviloma lautailu vesihiihto
I like active holidays. But it’s definitely wrong to post your bum on a blog post. Or is it?

People tend to criticize everything that others are doing, and how they are doing it. Maybe the reason is being envious or a know-it-all. Or maybe they just don’t have anything else to worry about (good for them!) or they don’t have any content in their own lives (bad for them!). Whatever the reason is, can there really be a wrong way of travelling?

No one has (yet) criticized my travel habits. On the other hand I can be quite temperamental, so maybe no one has been brave enough to say it aloud. On my latest post I confessed I don’t read travel guides and don’t often visit tourist attractions with an entrance fee. I’m sure someone thinks it’s the wrong way to travel.

I rather wander around on my own, wherever I’m travelling, and visit those attractions I find while doing that. If I miss something crucial because of it, it’s my problem. And it only gives me a reason to return to the destination later.

Riga Riika Latvia
Riga in Latvia is a beautiful summer destination, but I visited there at Christmas. I wonder if that was wrong? Oh well, what do I care. I decided to return to Riga at summertime anyway. I just don’t know yet which summer it will be.

There was one sentence on Travellover’s post that really hit me:

I’ve been forbidden to talk about my travels at work.

– Travellover

The argument for this was that not everyone has the same opportunity, and telling stories about her travels would make others feel bad or sad.

Oh dear God!

Life is full of choices. People who love travelling have made the choice of using all the saved pennies for their travels. It doesn’t mean that people who travel a lot would be somehow better or richer than anyone else, or even have a high salary. They have made the choice of saving on other costs, like a gym membership or even food, to be able to book the next trip.

matkaesite matkakuume
Hmm… where should I travel next? It’s so wrong to have too many options to choose from!

Let’s think why we are working hard and long hours every single day of our lives? To get money, right?

Everyone has a right to choose where to spend the monthly salary. I think the savings should be used for the thing you love and enjoy the most. For me, it’s travelling. No matter whether I travel inside Finnish borders or go abroad. Better both ways.

Some people spend thousands of euros on scale models or collecting fantasy cards or figures. I wouldn’t do that, but I’m not saying it would be wrong. If it makes you happy, it has to be the right thing to do!

teltta saaristo telttailu retkeily
Travelling doesn’t have to be an expensive hobby. The best holiday ever might be waiting for you just around the corner..

Travelling doesn’t have to be an expensive hobby. Just have a look around. Travelling doesn’t have to mean going for a two-week luxury holiday to the Maldives or Hawaii. I’m sure there are plenty of amazing destinations in your own country that you haven’t yet seen or experienced, or maybe you haven’t yet even realized the beauty of it. I know we have an endless amount of unforeseen destinations here in Finland. We are also lucky to have the freedom to roam and build up the tent pretty much anywhere in the surrounding nature.

I have experienced my best travels right here in my home town Rauma and its’ archipelago. The costs of these trips have been extremely low: some sausage for the campfire, some nuts for nibbling and some red wine to accompany the beautiful sunset.

melonta saaristo kajakki retkeily
An overnight kayaking trip is the best way to relax and forget all the troubles in the world. That can’t be wrong!

And if anyone dares to say there’s something wrong in travelling in your own country, I am more than ready to prove my earlier claim about my temperamental nature! So go ahead and try! 😉

Have you ever experienced the problem of travelling wrong? What do you think about it, does it exist also in your country? Is it possible to travel wrong  – or have you even done it yourself?

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  1. I am a travel obsessed mom who is always planning that next trip. I have never heard of such a thing and I have years of travel under my belt. However, with the invention of travel blogs and TripAdvisor, I can see how this could begin. The idea that you need to do and see and stay where others have stayed because that is “right”. These guides and blogs are useful but you still are entitled to have your own travel goals and do what you like!! Like yourself, I might look at guides, read other blogs, but the how and where belongs with me. I like to wander and watch people more than museum visit and see statues. That is just me. To each their own.. wish I could read that blog. My Finnish is not that great ha ha! Happy travels to where ever you want, Cheryl

    1. Thanks for your comment. I totally agree with you, no one should say what is right and what is wrong when the topic is travelling! 🙂 How boring would that be, if every single traveler would travel exactly the same way? What would be the point of travel blogs then!? 😉 Happy travels to you too and thanks for following! Your blog looks great, by the way!

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