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Spotted in Finnish forests: 8 unique nature photographs

It’s Monday again. Feeling a bit blah? Don’t get desperate. It’s spring, and the weather is getting warmer day by day. The sun is shining, birds are singing and nature is flourishing. Plenty of reasons to go for a walk in the surrounding nature and beat the Monday blues.

pyörätuolireitti metsä
This sign is standing in the middle of the woods and it says “wheelchair route”. Yep, in Finland even the forests are wheelchair accessible.

Outdoor exercise has zillions of health benefits. More great reasons to get your bottom up from the couch or office chair.

As different studies and to some extent also my personal experiences prove, even a short walk in the woods reduces stress, depression, anxiety, high blood pressure, muscle tension and even the risk of cancer. It’s true, a Japanese study states that exercising in nature increases the amount of cancer preventing proteins in the blood.

Outdoor exercise also strengthens your immunity, concentration and vigilance. You will sleep a lot better, and your vigour, general state of mind and physical condition will improve. You’ll become more creative and the ideas will start flowing into your head.

So bottoms up and into the forest, it’s the best possible therapy – and it’s all free! The fresh air, sunshine and the sounds and smells of springlike nature will fill your mind and soul with positive energy. And when keeping your eyes open, you’ll soon notice you might find quite surprising elements out there.

I was digging my forest photo archives and found some different kind of nature photographs to cheer up your day. Remember, positivity is a choice! So choose correctly and throw all those negative thoughts away.

Have a fantastic week!

Having a dog is another great reason to go for a walk in the nature. Make sure that your pet’s toilet behaviour is matching the local rules!
This sign is standing next to a childrens’ playground. The bottom line says “children playing”.
A fallen tree had pulled off a funny shaped piece of soil. Or am I the only one who thinks this looks like a dog?
Some exceptional bird has made a nest in this tree.
And sometimes you might find something other than birds nesting in a tree.
Just keep looking up, you never know what you’ll find. Like some sneakers that someone might have lost after crawling back home from a pub last weekend. Are they yours?


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