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Travel Treasures from the Archive: 10 Beloved Travel Photographs

Some time ago a Finnish travel blog Journey Diary started a travel photograph challenge which most probably  every single travel blogger in Finland has participated in, except me. After viewing those lovely pictures from different blogs, I couldn’t resist it any longer. Today I finally started going through my own archives, especially the ones I haven’t touched for a while.

The idea of the challenge is very simple, as the greatest things in life often are. Ten topics, ten pictures. Here are the treasures from my archive: 10 beloved and unedited travel photographs.

1. A picture of an airplane wing

 I’m afraid I’m breaking the original rules right at the start, but I have to show you two pictures of an airplane wing instead of one. But there’s a good reason for it. Would you believe there are only 7 minutes between taking these two pictures?

Lento klo 20.08

Lento klo 20.15

The quality of those sunset images are very poor because they were taken with an ancient cell phone camera. Despite  that, only seven short minutes! I took this flight in April last year when I was travelling to my Easter holiday. The point of departure: Düsseldorf, Germany. Holiday destination: my home in Rauma, Finland.

2. The best picture taken by accident

Gibraltar Espanja apina Spain

 It’s not difficult to guess where this picture is taken. Yep, that’s right, it’s Gibraltar. I was spending quite a lot of time looking for the best shot taken by accident, and I ended up choosing this one. Mr. Monkey there is posing so nicely and there’s nothing wrong with the background either, so why not.

3. Travel picture that makes me smile

Kołobrzeg Puola Poland

There are so many travel pictures that make me smile. Actually, all of them do. This picture, however, is taken in Kołobrzeg, Poland, where I travelled for my ex-colleague’s wedding. We used to work together in Spain, and besides myself and Daniel, the other two people on the photograph are my boss and another ex-colleague from my working days in Spain. The bride herself is unfortunately missing from the picture. This photograph makes me smile for so many reasons. It reminds me of my fantastic time in Spain and also of this amazing round trip that took us, besides Poland, also to Italy and Germany.

4. Nature picture

Ällökala brasilia

For so long I have been pondering a good excuse to publish this weird thing on my blog, and now I finally got it. Let me present you my nature photograph. The weirdest thing on the beach in Brazil that I have named as ‘the gross fish’. What it actually is? I have absolutely no idea!

5. Picture taken up in the air

Sierra Nevada Espanja Spain

Snowboarding in Sierra Nevada in February, 2012. This is a bit embarrassing for a Finn, but as much as I love snowboarding, I haven’t been on the slopes since. I live in the South where we don’t have any hills! This snowboarding failure has to be fixed as soon as possible, but not quite yet. The summer has just arrived!

6. Post card view

Stein am Rhein Sveitsi Switzerland

Stein am Rhein, Switzerland. A place where every view is like a post card.

7. Picture about travel companion

Brasilia Brazil

Also this picture is taken in Brazil, the year was 2010. I’ve made two trips with a big group of friends and the trip to Brazil was the first of them. Of all the pictures ever taken, this one has a special meaning for me, as well as for the others in the picture. Unfortunately one person of this lovely group is no longer with us. Luckily, the memories will live forever, and this is the special reason why I chose exactly this, and no other picture, for my travel companion.

8. Holiday feeling under a palm tree

gran canaria

This picture could have been taken under any palm tree, but this exact palm tree is located in Gran Canary, the Canary Islands in 2010. As is the following picture.

9. A good morning picture

good morning gran canaria spain

This trip is one of the best ones I’ve ever made and the only picture in this challenge I knew to look up for even before staring to write this post. The picture is taken, as mentioned, in Gran Canary in 2010. In this picture there are two very good friends of mine, Mirja and Mr. Tequila. We booked this last minute deal 1.5 days prior to departure. Extempore trips are the best! During this one week holiday we started every single morning with a big plate of fresh fruits and shots of Tequila. Forget the lactic acid bacteria and other tummy pills, with this breakfast you don’t need to worry about stomach ache!

10. My favourite town

San Pedro de Alcantara Espanja Spain

San Pedro de Alcántara, Spain. Lovely little town between Marbella and Estepona. I lived there for a year, but it’ll stay in my heart forever. Lame, I know, but yet so true. I love this silly little town where the beaches aren’t crowded and people still have the relaxed and authentic Spanish way of living despite the nearby tourist centres.

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  1. What a lovely post that shares a lot of your special travel memories. I particularly love your favourite town. Wow! That speaks “quaint” completely. Your accidental picture is amazing. I wish mine looked like that. Switzerland… you can never take a bad pic in a country like that. Gorgeous everywhere you look.

  2. Thanks so much for your lovely comment. I actually thought I would use more pictures from different countries that I haven’t been writing about that much, but I will stick with my choices! 🙂 I’m glad to hear you like it. This post also reminded me (many times) that I should finally go and visit my ex-colleagues in Spain… today would be a perfect day to go, it’s raining in Finland. Happy Wednesday anyway!

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