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A Pinch of Luxury on a Budget Holiday

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A budget traveller is very rarely staying in a five-star luxury hotel and enjoying the benefits of an all-inclusive holiday village. Short city breaks are perfect for relaxing, but they can sometimes also be a bit exhausting. If there only was a thing called low-budget luxury.

So much to see in such a short time. Driving around the city with a taxi is normally not an option when travelling with a low budget. Most often the only way to move from one place to another is by foot. Walking along the cobblestone streets from dusk until dawn will kill your feet without a doubt. Even though you have chosen the most comfortable shoes you own, they will become your worst enemies. Your toes will be destroyed, one by one.

After a long day, even the poorest hotel room will feel like paradise. You feel tired but happy. A full body massage would be needed, but the cost would be worth two extra nights in the hotel. Luckily, even the tiniest little things can add a pinch of luxury for a low budget holiday.


Luxury for a budget holiday – Low-budget luxury


Low-budget luxury doesn’t require too much money or even effort. A hot bath. A bottle of sparkling. Relaxing music. Candlelight. Cheese and crackers. Cherry tomatoes and more cheese. Fruits and strawberries. Oh, and a piece of dark, delicious chocolate. And some more cheese.

You can feel the aches and pains disappear. You will sleep like a baby and wake up in the morning full of energy, ready to walk around the city for another day, even if you needed to walk along cobblestone streets.

The two treasures that are sometimes worth their weight in gold for a low budget traveller: supermarket and a bathtub.

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  1. I love relaxing like this in the winter. Soothes aching bones. I think it’s high time I take a trip 😉

    1. Thanks Lia! 🙂 Tiny little things can sometimes make the day, right? Have a great weekend! Hope it’s nice and sunny in NYC, it’s sadly raining here again… but tomorrow should be sunny (and I will have an exciting day tomorrow… keep following, I will tell more about it on the blog for sure!!!) 😉

      1. Hi there! It’ll be nicer later on but we’ve got June rain showers this morning too!
        Hmm I’m curious about your exciting day tomorrow! Look forward to reading it!
        Happy weekend:))

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