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The best summer events in Rauma, Finland in 2015

For years my home town Rauma was best known for the three-letter combination RMJ. The letters stand for ‘Raumanmeren Juhannus’, one of the best Midsummer festivals in Finland. Why do I even say ‘one of the best’? It was the best!

No matter how awesome the RMJ festival was, the last event took place in 2007. Every now and then our local newspapers fill up with huge debates should the festival be brought back or not. That ain’t happening, at least not this year, but it’s fine. Rauma is an ultimate summer destination with it’s wooden old town, surrounded by a beautiful archipelago, and we have plenty of other amazing summer events to entertain both, the locals and the quests.

The best summer events in Rauma | Live now – dream later travel blog

Otanlahti beach is the place where RMJ was held for years. The beach looks so empty without hundreds of thousands of party people. In 2016 the RMJ festival did the long-awaited comeback on this beach. Today, you can also do wakeboarding in Otanlahti!

As mentioned, Rauma is a wonderful summer destination and definitely worth visiting in case you are planning a trip to Finland this summer. On my previous Rauma related posts I’ve got so many positive comments that I decided to list the best summer events in Rauma in 2015. You just need to pick the one you enjoy the most and book your flights. Or just come for the whole summer and experience all of them.

Rauma Lace Week 18.–26.7. and the Black Lace Night 24.7.2015

The legendary Rauma Lace Week will be organized already for the 45th time. Don’t let the name mislead you, the Lace Week is not only about making lace (even though it’s something that Rauma is very famous for). During the Lace Week our wooden old town, Old Rauma, which is also one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites, is packed with people and different kinds of events like markets, free outdoor concerts, art exhibitions, children’s events and so much more.

The highlight of the week is the Black Lace Night on Friday the 24th of July. In the evening, and why not during the day already, all the ladies are traditionally wearing some lace in their outfits. There’s no reason to stress about it though, you are allowed to party even if you didn’t wear any lace.

About the lace, this year there will be some 3D lace presented during the Lace Week. Excuse me, what?
I have no idea, so let’s just go there and see!

The best summer events in Rauma | Live now – dream later travel blog

In 2009 the main band playing on the Black Lace Night was Sturm und Drang, a heavy metal band of teenage guys, very famous at the time. I dragged them to have a picture with me.

One important and traditional event during the Lace Week is the crowning of Miss Lace. Other main events to mention are the artisan market and Old Rauma open gardens and garden flea markets event, which gives everyone an opportunity to peak in to the inner courtyards of the old wooden houses in our old town. International market will take over the canalside in the centre of Rauma during 23.–25.7.

A huge amount of events going on at the same time! In case you are planning to visit Rauma only once during this summer, the Lace Week is definitely the time to come!

The best summer events in Rauma | Live now – dream later travel blog

The summer festival season in Rauma started already with Metalfest on the 30th of May. On stage my (not so) secret favourite, Reckless Love.

Lappi Sauna Festival 31.7.–2.8.2015

Are you planning to seek for several UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites this summer? If your answer is yes, once you visit Old Rauma, you should also visit Sammallahdenmäki (yes, we have two World Heritage Sites here in Rauma). Sammallahdenmäki is located in Lappi, a village approximately 20 kilometers from the centre of Rauma. 31.7.–2.8. along the river in the centre of Lappi there will be another traditional event: Lappi Sauna Festival will be organized already for the 36th time. Live music, Sauna run, lots of fun for kids… very traditional country side summer event in Finland.

Venetian Festival in Poroholma Camping 29.8.2015

The Venetian Festival in Finland is an event to celebrate the end of summer. Previously it was known mainly on the western coast, but nowadays it has spread all over Finland. The event takes place on the last weekend of August, and it’s a traditional way to end the summer cottage and boat season. Our summer is so short in Finland that it deserves its own celebration (just to make sure it will come back next year)!

The best place to feel the Venetian atmosphere in Rauma is Poroholma Camping. Among the other entertainment, the highlight of the event is a snazzy fireworks show. Just to let you know, there are lots of fun things to do in Poroholma during the whole summer, so it’s definitely worth checking whenever you’ll arrive in Rauma.

The best summer events in Rauma | Live now – dream later travel blog

Poroholma has had its’ own Venetian celebration for many years. This specific firework was captured in the end of summer of 2010.

Rauma Herring Market 19.–20.9.2015

Great news! The summer in Rauma won’t be over after ‘the end of the summer party’! In September we have another traditional event, Rauma Herring Market. Oh, you don’t like herring? Don’t worry, this event is not only about herring. Again the canalside in the town centre will be filled up with market stands, smiling people and all kinds of activities. The program will be updated during August on the Rauma Herring Market website, although it’s in Finnish only. I will give you an English update once the program is published.

In case none of the previous summer events tickled your tummy, perhaps the chamber music festival Festivo, ice hockey Lace Tournament, Rauma Blues, Rauma 2.4 mR open world championships or Blue Sea Film Festival, all taking place in August, will do the trick for you.

Welcome to Rauma!

PS. For further information, check out the Rauma Tourist Guide in English!

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