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How about getting wet this summer anyway?

Are you familiar with Finnish Midsummer? It’s the most important event of the whole summer season here in Finland. For many Finns it means a long weekend at the summer cottage, by a lake or the sea. It’s something meaningful, something extremely Finnish with the traditions of a huge bonfire, barbecue and Midsummer magic. Funnily enough, it’s always raining during Midsummer. Some years even snowing.

It’s this weekend. The long awaited Midsummer weekend. And what does our weather forecast say?juhannussää_forecaWell… at least it won’t be snowing! We haven’t had much sun and heat yet this year. Freezing wind and pouring rain instead have been hitting our faces more than enough. I’m looking at my kayak that is laying in the garden waiting to see the sea again. I even bought new inflatable mattresses for our first kayaking trip with a tent. I planned it could be the Midsummer weekend. Unfortunately, camping in the pouring rain doesn’t sound very tempting, especially without sauna.

kajakki melonta


I was getting extremely desperate, and suddenly it occurred to me: rain shouldn’t prevent us enjoying the summer! All the best things in summer happen in the water anyway. Especially all the super cool water sports. And if you manage to stay dry when doing water sports, it’s clear you didn’t do it properly. Or from the heart.

What if this summer we wouldn’t complain about the rain but got wet anyway, rain or shine? What if this summer instead of the weather depression we would choose what we do despite the rain, or even exploiting it?

Last week I told you about my test drive with the new toy we have here in Rauma. Even if this picture might give the impression of cable wakeboarding being such a simple sport to do…

We Have A New Toy In Town: Testing Poroholma Wakepark in Rauma, Finland! | Live now – dream later travel blog

…I didn’t exactly nail it first time either. As I mentioned on my last post, I got into wakeboarding three years ago when I was living in Spain. Let me show you a couple shots from my first wakeboarding experience. Did I get wet? Indeed!

Not everyone gets excited about wakeboarding or even water skiing. Have you heard about kneeboard? In Spain I used to be ‘so cool’ that I didn’t even want to try it, I was just all about wakeboarding. I thought kneeboard is only for wusses. It would be too easy for me. Although my friends loved doing it.

Last summer I gave up and had a go with a kneeboard. It wasn’t that easy after all! Kneeboarding is an excellent activity for rainy weather, as you are guaranteed to get wet anyway. In addition, it’s a great exercise for arms and the whole upper body. No gym needed!

This summer I will finally try Stand Up Paddling. These ‘suppers’ we met in Copenhagen in March. They didn’t care about the cold and rainy weather either. It’s all about the attitude, right?


What if this summer we would learn to love the rain and wind instead of complaining about them?

I took a kitesurfing course a few years ago. Around that time I noticed something funny: even if earlier I found the windy weather annoying and awful, suddenly the calm and still air became my worst enemy. How many days did I spend sitting on the beach, not for tanning, but waiting for the promising breeze to return.

kitesurf course tarifa kitesurf course

Will you get wet when kitesurfing? Indeed!

kitesurf school

Perhaps this summer I will have enough wind to finish the course. Perhaps next time I will take my swimsuit and dive into the sea when it’s pouring down, as in the sea I would get wet anyway. Perhaps I will go outside jumping in the puddles, as you can only do it when it rains.

Perhaps I will learn to love the rain because it keeps the mosquitoes away. Perhaps it rains for the whole summer, and I won’t end up with a beautiful tan on my skin, but at least I can celebrate and be proud of those new, amazing experiences that I gained in the rain. Because I would have got wet anyway.

What do you think, should we get wet anyway this summer, rain or shine?

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