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5 most meaningful memories of Düsseldorf

The countdown has started. In four days I will start my short but very much awaited visit to Düsseldorf where I spent six amazing months last year. Only four days left and my preparations couldn’t be less ongoing. At least I have flying tickets, but at this moment it’s still a big question mark how to get to the airport and back. Not to even mention where will I stay during my visit. It’s still a little bit unconfirmed. Just a little bit.

Instead of worrying about ‘the minor points’, all I have on the top of my mind are the most meaningful memories of my half a year in Düsseldorf. The indelible impressions on my mind that make Düsseldorf so special and made it feel like home.

1. Carnivals in Düsseldorf

5 most meaningful memories of Düsseldorf: Carnivals in Germany.

5 most meaningful memories of Düsseldorf: Carnivals in Germany.

The first memory is obviously from my first week in Germany. The timing couldn’t have been any better, as I moved to Düsseldorf just a couple days prior to the climax of the carnival season. My first week in Germany was all about celebration, which helped me to forget the sadness of leaving home and being separated from my boyfriend and all the other important things at home.

The carnival was also the first culture shock for me, even though a positive one, as I had no idea Germany could be such a dream destination for carnival. The endless parades and the all-night parties on the streets of Düsseldorf made my first week in Germany unforgettable.

2. The parks of Düsseldorf

Just before moving to Düsseldorf a very good friend of mine told me of Düsseldorf being ‘a boring and gray industrial city with no green areas around’. I’m sort of a nature child, so you can only imagine how devastated I was after hearing this news. Luckily it didn’t take long after moving to Düsseldorf that I had the honour of proving my friend wrong.

5 most meaningful memories of Düsseldorf: The green parks of Düsseldorf.

During those six months I spent endless amount of hours in the parks of Düsseldorf either jogging, having barbecue with friends or just chilling out. My favourite park was small but right next to my apartment, and during my half a year in Düsseldorf I became very familiar with its’ running paths, statues, birds and bunnies.

3. The storm in June 2014

In June 2014 Düsseldorf and its’ parks were hit by a catastrophic storm that arose all of a sudden. For several weeks all the streets and parks looked like a war zone. It’s quite obvious that these views, as well as the lives lost during the storm, had an unforgettable impact on me.

5 most meaningful memories of Düsseldorf: Storm in June 2014.

5 most meaningful memories of Düsseldorf: Storm in June 2014.

Do you want to have a guess where I was during the storm? On a plane flying over Düsseldorf, right there in the eye of the storm. It was the flight of my life that has definitely earned its’ place among my most meaningful memories.

4. Altstadt – The old town of Düsseldorf

Many memories, good and bad ones, were born on the streets of Altstadt, the old town of Düsseldorf. For me Altstadt wasn’t only the place where the party was going on until the early hours, but also the place to relax by sitting along the Rhein watching the boats cruise by. A place where I could be in the middle of nowhere and yet in the middle of everything at the same time.

5 most meaningful memories of Düsseldorf: Altstadt a.k.a. the old town of Düsseldorf

5 most meaningful memories of Düsseldorf: The River Rhine

5. Rollnacht – Rollerblading event on the streets of Düsseldorf

Out of all the events and activities in Düsseldorf, for me Rollnacht is the most meaningful one. Rollnacht is a huge rollerblading event organized every two weeks during the summer season, rain or shine. The very first Rollnacht took off in sunny weather, but suddenly after halfway the sky went black and we were hit by a heavy rain and thunder storm. That was the first time ever I was rollerblading in the middle of striking lightning, but it sure was an unforgettable moment. Memories grow sweeter with time, even if in that very moment the sudden change in weather didn’t amuse us at all!

5 most meaningful memories of Düsseldorf: Rollnacht rollerblading event on the streets of Düsseldorf

5 most meaningful memories of Düsseldorf: Rollnacht rollerblading event on the streets of Düsseldorf

In four days I will get to relive this memories on spot and create some more moments to remember, when seeing all of the great friends and ex-colleagues, parks, streets and the Rhein after nearly a year. The countdown has indeed started!

Oh yeah, those ‘minor points’ of getting to the airport and having a place to stay… Luckily I still have plenty of time. Four full days!

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  1. Have a great trip. It is so much fun to return to a place that you have such fond memories of. Looks like it was a special place for many good reasons.

    1. Thanks so much. It’s such a shame I will only have 2 full days in Düsseldorf this time, but for sure it’s better than nothing! 😉 I’m very eager to gather some new memories, and also excited to see how the place has changed since I left in August last year.

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