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Even a busy summer can be cool | Instagram Travel Thursday

What would be a better way to end a quiet period on the blog than Instagram Travel Thursday. While everyone else is enjoying their summer holidays, I’m running from one place to another like crazy. Oh well, I will have time to have a little holiday after the summer, hopefully.

Being busy with work is obviously one reason why I haven’t had time for travelling or updating the blog recently. As bad as the word ‘work’ sounds, especially on a hot and sunny summer day as today, I’m quite lucky as my job is everything else but awful. I have had such amazing working days lately that I have shared them on Instagram as well.

I was already writing about my wakeboarding experience here on the blog. Yesterday it was also published on the local newspaper where I work, and thanks to that, I was signed as an (un)official extreme journalist. So this morning I headed for the sea again, to an old military island called Kuuskajaskari, to try out the new laser tag arena that is built in the underground bunkers.

What did you do at work today?

I also had a chance to remember our mini holiday in Copenhagen one more time when a flight search engine QuestOrganizer asked me to write a guest post for their blog.

And when I will finally have time, I can’t wait to tell you what happened during my last weekend’s short visit to my old home town Düsseldorf, and how did it feel to visit my old office at trivago after ten months.

How is your summer going, are you being busy or enjoying a stress free holiday?

Instagram Travel Thursday is organized in Finland by travel blogs Destination Unknown,Kaukokaipuu and Veera Bianca. Instagram Travel Thursday is a global event taking place on every first Thursday of each month. Anyone can participate by sharing the best travel memories by using hashtag #igtravelthursday.

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