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Flashback of the week: Italy – Germany – Poland in the summer of 2013

Let’s return to the previous topic for one more time. As my flashback of the week I will give you little bit of a different kind of example about travelling for friends.

We have done one round trip with several destinations in Europe with Daniel. This two-week trip took place in the summer of 2013. First we travelled to Italy for a few days. After Italy we flew to Germany, from where we continued to Poland. How did we decide the destinations? Purely based on our friends.

round trip in europe

Let’s travel a little bit more back in time. During 2011–2012 I was living and working in Spain. My boss was English, one of my colleagues Irish and another colleague Polish. After moving back to Finland, I received a wedding invitation from my Polish ex-colleague Gina. The wedding would be in Poland.

We started to plan our trip to Kołobrzeg, a lovely little town on the north-west coast of Poland. A destination I would never have travelled to without my friend. How could I, I had never even heard of Kołobrzeg before I met Gina.

At the same time my Finnish friends were living in Pavia, Italy. What a great opportunity to visit them in sunny Italy. Would I have travelled to Pavia if my friends weren’t living there? Most probably not.

pavia italia pavia italy roundtrip in europe
I can warmly recommend visiting Pavia, Italy.


lake como
During the same trip we also spent a day in Lake Como.


When visiting Milan, we didn’t need any maps. We had our own local guides.


host family
Our lovely host family in front of the cathedral in Milan.

This was the route of our two-week round trip: first we flew from Finland to Milan and continued to Pavia by train. After staying a few days with our friends in Italy we flew to Berlin, Germany, where we stayed for one day and night. Why to Berlin?

berlin wall
We spent a day in Berlin, where we met my ex-boss and colleague.

We met my ex-boss Brad and my Irish ex-colleague Stacy at Berlin airport, where we rented a car and drove together to the wedding town, Kołobrzeg. We spent a few amazing days in Kołobrzeg celebrating the wedding, where we got to follow a vodka drinking contest between the bride’s Polish family and the groom’s French family, it’s was quite entertaining. Besides drinking vodka, another Polish tradition is to have a big barbecue the day after the wedding.

reunion in poland
A happy reunion in Poland where I met many familiar faces at once. The happy couple, Gina and Joe, are in front in the picture.


friends together
The joy of reunion is indescribable. Me and the bride in Kołobrzeg.


reunion at the beach
Suddenly everything was like it used to be. The only difference was that the sunny beaches of Spain had changed to sand beaches in Poland. I am 100% sure I would have never visited Kołobrzeg without my friends.

From Kołobrzeg we continued by train to Gdansk, where we spent one more day before flying back to Finland.

Every single destination of this trip had a very special meaning: friends, that we never lost contact with, no matter which country we live in.

Have you ever travelled the world just to see your friends? Was the destination such that you wouldn’t have travelled there without your friends? I’d love to hear about your experiences. The comment section below is open for discussion, as always!

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