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The hotel I choose must have… | Instagram Travel Thursday

I started to think about a questionnaire made by a couple of years back. In this questionnaire they were asking travelers all over the world what are the qualities and services they appreciate the most in a hotel.

I would call myself a budget traveler and when travelling, I’m always looking for the best hotel deal. I’m not too picky with hotels as I never travel just to spend time in a hotel but for completely different reasons.

On the other hand I have my own ways to add a pinch of luxury for a low budget holiday.

Luksusta budjettilomalle - Luxury for a budget holiday

According to the mentioned survey, the most appreciated feature in a hotel was pretty clear. Travelers all over the world seem to value a free WiFi more than anything else. Finns were the most keen of it and the most willing to pay extra for an internet connection.

Well, I have to admit that from a blogger’s point of view a guaranteed internet connection would be fantastic to have when travelling abroad, but I don’t consider it as a must-have. On the other hand the problem will be gone fairly soon, at least when travelling inside European Union, as the roaming charges will be history in two-years time.

To get back to the survey, after the free internet connection and technical equipment, such as tablets and universal remotes, the next appreciated qualities were breakfast and complimentary snacks. Is included breakfast a criteria for you when booking a hotel?

English breakfast - Englantilainen aamiainen

My opinion about breakfast is pretty much the same as with the internet connection. I would love to sit down on a ready table and enjoy a tasty breakfast before hitting the wonders of my travel destination, but it’s not a must. Especially on a longer holiday it’s nice to have an option rather than eat from the same buffet 14 days in a row. On a quick weekend getaway instead an included breakfast buffet would be a huge plus.

Earlier this year we visited Copenhagen in Denmark and we were lucky to find quite an affordable hotel. Breakfast wasn’t included in the room price, but there was complimentary coffee available at the reception. Now when I think about our visit about half a year later, it’s the coffee I remember the best. Not because it was completely free of charge, but because it was the best coffee I have ever tasted.


Now when I mentioned Copenhagen I remembered another complimentary thing in the hotel: the wine hour! Every day at the same hour the hotel encouraged their quests to gather in the lobby and be social with a glass of wine.

Perhaps the main reason for the wine hour was to allure hotel quests to have dinner in the hotel restaurant, but at least I didn’t feel that way. No one came to push nor gently suggested that the dinner would be served in the next room with a very affordable price. Instead I was left with the image of the wine hour being an honest compliment by the hotel. A little pinch of luxury, a little reason to sit down and rest for a moment before the next sightseeing tour.

viinitunti hotellissa

Each of the above mentioned qualities is definitely a plus in a hotel, but none of them is a real must-have for me. What is it that really matters when booking a hotel, besides the price?

One of the things I appreciate the most is a proper night sleep and a comfortable bed. And oh, how much I love those big and fluffy pillows that hotel beds often have. I’d love to have one of those at home. Last time when purchasing pillows we decided to invest on our sleep and paid 50 euros for each pillow we bought. What a mistake. Despite of the expensive pillow, at home I still suffer from poor sleep and aching neck, but in hotels I normally sleep like a baby.

makuuhuone ja mukava sänky

More than the bed I appreciate the location of the hotel. It doesn’t need to be exactly in the city centre, but to have good connections for public transport, maybe even walking distance to the attractions I’m most interested in.

Our hotel in Copenhagen was located right next to the railway station and I thought it was absolutely ideal. We were able to walk everywhere, excluding the airport, and there we were able to catch a train just around the corner. Even if at first I was a little bit worried how noisy the trains would be, our room was surprisingly quiet.

hotel in copenhagen - hotelli kööpenhaminassa

In case I’m travelling outside Europe, to a sunny destination for a longer holiday, a swimming pool is quite a must for me. Again it’s not because I require luxury, but because I love to swim and chill out by the pool. In Finland I quite rarely have that option, and on a holiday everyone has a right to be lazy and relax, am I right!?

This hotel pool is located in Dominican Republic.

Hotel in Dominican Republic - hotellin uima-allas Dominikaaninen tasavalta

What are the qualities you appreciate the most when choosing hotel? Must breakfast be included in the room price? Do you require a free WiFi? Is a beach enough for you on a beach holiday or will you pick your hotel based on the size of the pool? The comment section below is eager to have your opinion on the topic!

Instagram Travel Thursday is organized in Finland by travel blogs Destination Unknown,Kaukokaipuu and Veera Bianca. Instagram Travel Thursday is a global event taking place on every first Thursday of each month. Anyone can participate by sharing the best travel memories by using hashtag #igtravelthursday.

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