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Your Dreams Are For Yourself

Dreams. Sometimes they come and go. Today my dream is to dive in the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean Sea, tomorrow I want to speed down the Alps on my snowboard.

Some dreams are permanent. Long-lasting goals that you work for every single day. Little by little they are getting closer. You might never fully reach them, but you always need to have something to dream of. You always need to have something to live for.

Your Dreams Are For Yourself | Live now – dream later travel blog

Sometimes dreams change along the road. Sometimes you realize that the dream that you managed to fulfill wasn’t what you thought you wanted to have after all. Every new insight of your real dream will lead you closer, lead you to the right path.

Perhaps this wasn’t what I always dreamed of, but at least now I know what to reach to fulfill my real dreams. At least now I know which direction to take my next step.

Sometimes dreams just mess you up. Someone said something that made you hesitate. It made you think if you dream isn’t right. Other people’s opinions have an influence. Critics hurts. My dream is silly and stupid. It will never come true, someone states, and you believe it.

Is it even possible to dream wrong?

Your Dreams Are For Yourself | Live now – dream later travel blog
My dream is about to come true. One of my many dreams. One of the long-lasting dreams that I have worked for every single day. Every step I have taken has lead me closer to my dream. Every mistake I have made has helped me to realize what to change to find the right direction towards my real dream.

Other people’s opinions have had an influence. Critics have hurt. My dream might have been silly, but it’s not wrong or stupid. If it makes me happy, it has to be right.

Your Dreams Are For Yourself | Live now – dream later travel blog

It’s time to push away other people’s opinions, because your dreams are for yourself, no one else. It’s time to absorb the critics. It’s worth listening, but not always worth believing. Because most of the critics is jealousy. Jealousy of people who do not dare to go for their dreams. You do.

It’s time to wake up. It’s time to think what really is important to you and separate that from the empty words you hear from outside.

It’s time to take the decisive step. The step towards dreams. Sometimes it might mean returning to square one, but you have to do it if you realize you are heading for wrong direction.

That’s right. That’s why this blog was once started. It started from dreams.

Your Dreams Are For Yourself | Live now – dream later travel blog
Today I took quite a big step towards my dream. I started my own company. I’m excited but also relieved, but above all, I’m extremely happy. One long-lasting dream is finally becoming reality.

What is the dream that you live, fight and work for? It can be anything. Because it’s yours.

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Your dreams are for yourself, not for anyone else—make sure you won’t forget that! Pin this reminder for later:

Your Dreams Are For Yourself | Live now – dream later travel blog

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