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Ideas for Intangible (Christmas) Presents Every Traveller Will Value

Struggling with finding the perfect gift? Here are some ideas for intangible (Christmas) presents for travellers – by a cost-conscious traveller.

Am I the only one who thinks Christmas is starting earlier and earlier each year? This year (2016) I saw the first ads for Christmas party venues way before August. Dudes, are you serious?

When October is turning into November, Christmas carrols are starting to take over the supermarkets. Slowly the shelves are filling up with Christmas decorations and other Christmas junk. There’s nowhere to escape!

All this keeps increasing year by year, even if each year people have less and less money to spend. I feel nowadays it’s very easy to get sick of Christmas way before December. Do you feel like that as well?

Having no snow really doesn’t increase the Christmassy feeling. Two years in a row I’ve been through the Christmas Markets in Stockholm – no sign of snow there! The situation isn’t much better in Southern Finland. This year, my home town Rauma was supposed to be a real Christmas Wonderland with the best markets ever. A few weeks ago the local newspaper was writing about the Christmas Wonderland being cancelled and 4,000 glögg mugs being stored for (possible) next year. This news wasn’t too cheerful either.

At least this Sunday, the 18th of December, we’ll have the traditional Christmas Market and shopping Sunday in our old town, Old Rauma. One day is better than none, right?

Ideas for Intangible (Christmas) Presents Every Traveller Will Value | Live now – dream later travel blog

Snow or not, Christmas is knocking on the door. There’s no way of changing that fact.

Is there anyone else who hasn’t done any Christmas shopping yet?

Being surrounded by all the junk they sell at Christmas markets and supermarkets, I couldn’t help wondering the amount of materia.

I guess quite many families and friends have made the same decision as I have made with mine already years ago; we don’t buy any presents, except for the littlest family members, who still love and appreciate their toys more than anything and grow out of their clothes very fast. Money is tight in many families, and all rooms are already filled with vain junk.

And yet it would be nice to give a little something for the people you love, right?

Ideas for Intangible (Christmas) Presents Every Traveller Will Value | Live now – dream later travel blog

I have always been a little jealous of people who are skilled with their hands. A small self-made present would be a nice surprise, but I am still having nightmares about craft lessons we had in school more than 20 years ago. I’m THAT bad with handcraft. (I guess you already knew that Live now – dream later isn’t exactly a DIY blog…)

And what about those family members and friends who have gone nuts with travelling? The ones who don’t care about anything but planning their next trip? They are the worst of all!

After all, there is a lot more to travelling than choosing the destination, booking the flights and hotel rooms and packing. There are many things at home that someone needs to take care of during the trip, and there lies your possibility for the perfect Christmas present – or any present! Birthdays, anniversaries, random good deeds… you name it. An intangible gift that doesn’t require any shopping or even money, but is still something every traveller will value. A gift that doesn’t require anything else from you than a little time and effort.

Here are some ideas for intangible (Christmas) presents for travellers – by a cost-conscious traveller.

Ideas for Intangible (Christmas) Presents Every Traveller Will Value | Live now – dream later travel blog

Does your travelling friend have a pet? How about promising to feed, walk and socialize with the furry friend while the owners are away?

Are your neighbours going for a two-week holiday? How about promising to bring in the mail and take the ads and other junk mail directly to recycling? Perhaps you could water their flowers at the same time.

Is your colleague under a lot of stress and in need of a vacation, but too busy to leave the tasks to have a holiday? How about promising to take over his or her duties just for a couple of days to give your colleague a chance for a long weekend every once in a while?

Has it been a while since you spent an evening together with your friend and a glass of wine? How about promising to sit down together with your friend after the trip, listen all the best travel stories and go through all the travel photographs?

What you could do is to find a picture of your friend’s or family member’s next travel destination, go a bit crazy with glitter and be creative; Create a little poem to accompany your hand-made card and well-thought intangible present. That can be done by anyone, even if you weren’t too talented with handcraft. It’s the thought that matters, right?

Ideas for Intangible (Christmas) Presents Every Traveller Will Value | Live now – dream later travel blog

Can you think of any other ideas for intangible Christmas presents for travellers? Anything at all that any Tim or Tanya the Traveller would appreciate? Give your best tips on the comment section below!

I wish you a very merry Christmas, no matter where in the world you’re going to spend it! 🙂

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