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The highlights of 2015 within Finland’s borders

When I finalized my year of travel with this compilation post I made a promise to tell you about my travel year in Finland as well. So here it is – the highlights of 2015 within Finland’s borders, as seen on Instagram!

If there is something I regret in the past year, I would say that it was not going kayaking, not even once! My poor kayak is still laying in the garden, exactly in the same place as it was a year ago. Luckily not kayaking didn’t mean not enjoying the sea. I spent my summer working very hard as a journalist at a local newspaper, which limited my travels, but gave me other fantastic memories right here in Rauma and nearby areas.

One of the most memorable job gigs was a day in an old military fortress island of Kuuskajaskari in the Rauma archipelago. I have visited the island only once before and it was 10 years ago, so it was about time for another visit. Last summer they opened a laser tag arena inside the old military bunkers. My job was to play laser tag and write about my experience – what a lovely job, right? Before that day I only knew laser tag from the TV series How I Met Your Mother.

Laser tag wasn’t the only new activity last summer here in Rauma. We also got our very own wakepark! That was something I truly have been waiting for, and I really can’t decide which job gig I loved more, trying out laser tag for the very first time ever, or having a test drive in our brand new wakepark. At this very moment I wish this freezing winter weather  (-25 degrees Celsius) will stick around, because once the sea is frozen enough, I could have more fun at the cable park, this time with snowboard. I can’t wait!

We Have A New Toy In Town: Testing Poroholma Wakepark in Rauma, Finland! | Live now – dream later travel blog

As unforgettable as the two above mentioned days were, there was one morning that really touched my stomach. That was a morning at a nearby radio and television mast where I got to rise up till 100 meters above the ground. Having the height of 321 meters in total this mast is one of the highest structures in the whole of Finland. Luckily the day was sunny – aren’t the views quite amazing (not to mention my clothing)? Definitely one of the top moments of 2015!

Other memorable moments right here in my home town in 2015 were the numerous hours spent in the mushroom forest and the stunning sunsets, like on the pictures below. The second one I took in my own garden which is a good reminder; you don’t always need to step far from your front door to experience something unforgettable!

Back to sporty activities! Laser tag wasn’t the only completely new sport I got to try last year. One of the funnest – and also the roughest – days I spent with my football friends in a bubble soccer tournament in a nearby town. Have you ever tried this sport? If not, I can guarantee, even if you’re not a fan of soccer, you’re going to love this one!!!

| Live now – dream later travel blog

Of course I travelled outside my own home town as well. In August I visited a Medieval Fair for the very first time in my life. I fell in love with the town of Hämeenlinna, which is a true inland pearl for nature lovers. Besides the Medieval Fair, another highlight of this trip was camping in our car in this beautiful spot in Aulanko.

During the autumn I travelled a few times abroad, but we still found time to spend a relaxing weekend at Långvik spa hotel in Kirkkonummi near Helsinki. The whole purpose of this trip was to completely zero all stress caused by the busy summer and autumn. And oh yes, that worked!

On the way back home we decided to make a little extra exploration by the lake Vitträsk. It was pouring down, but we had heard Finland’s first ever found rock paintings being there and we wanted to find them. Well, we didn’t, but we found something else – famous graves in the woods! Totally worth it.

One of my plans for this year is to travel even more within Finnish borders. And I will start reaching this goal already on Saturday, when we start the car and drive towards North-East, to a place called Vuokatti. For me it will be the winter wonderland, as we don’t have much snow at the moment here in South-West of Finland. On the way back home we are planning to visit Koli national park and its’ breathtaking views. Let’s see what else we will find on the way.

I’m not entirely sure if I will publish anything here on the blog during our holiday, but you can follow our adventure on Facebook and Instagram. Stay tuned!

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