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I feel so alive, SO alive! It’s easy to smile when the flights are booked!

Do you know that amazing ticklish feeling that takes you over immediately after you have clicked the ‘confirm’ button on a booking site and you know that a long-lasting dream of yours is finally about to come true? Or perhaps even two dreams! It’s quite like falling in love; the only smell in the air is roses, and the stars are twinkling so bright on the sky. Your smile is so wide it reaches your ears, and you hear nothing but cheerful chirping of birds.

Yes, that’s exactly how I feel right now. Life is so wonderful!

If something makes you happy - just do it! Travel plans to Iceland and New York! -- Jos jokin tekee sinut onnelliseksi, tee se! Matkasuunnitelmia Islantiin ja New Yorkiin.
I don’t have enough fingers and toes to count how many last minute travel deals and offers I have been looking, clicking, and nearly booking during the past two weeks. There has always been something that quite didn’t match. The dates, the route, the hotel… whatever the excuse has been. Or then I have acted too late. I’ve seen a great deal and thought ‘that’s what I will book first thing tomorrow morning’, but when the morning comes, the deal isn’t there anymore. ‘Oh well, next time.’ And the same happens. When will I learn?

There are not many things that you can truly rely on nowadays, but there is one thing you can count on; this girl is travelling to Iceland and New York in April! I’m so excited! What could be better than cross over not one, but two bucket list destinations on one trip, and to be able to combine nature and a city break? Well, only NOTHING!

It's so easy to smile when you have just booked your flights. Making travel plans to Iceland and New York in April.
What a coincidence that I grabbed this guide to Iceland from the MATKA Travel Fair in January. Now I will really need it!

We found the flights with IcelandAir from a Finnish site searching for great flight deals for you. Well, it definitely did what it’s made for, as we found our flights from Helsinki to Reykjavik and New York for 361 euros per person. With that price we’ll spend 4 days in Iceland and 5 in NYC.

Oh god, I just can’t stop smiling! What a wonderful feeling this is. Life is so amazing!

Once I finally recover a little bit from this crazy ecstasy, I will start planning some more content to our trip. In Iceland we’ll definitely get a car and drive around a bit. And once we get to New York… well, I’m still a NYC virgin myself, but my travel companion, Daniel, is quite experienced in that area, so I can just follow him. As a small town girl who is always seeking extreme experiences close to nature, I’m a little bit nervous every time when going to a big city like New York. Will I even like it…? Well, that’s something I’ll find out soon, and after April, so will you!

That being said, now you have a chance to help me out with my travel plans! Every single tip and trick within a reasonable driving distance to Reykjavik and in the beat of New York City are warmly welcome. Below you can find a place for commenting and it’s all yours! So go ahead and shoot me! (With words, please.)

Have a lovely weekend everyone, and remember; if something makes you happy – JUST DO IT!

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This Post Has 8 Comments

  1. Yippee!
    I know that feeling oh so well, excited is an understatement, right!
    Those are two places I’ve never been to, Iceland is definitely on my list though. I’d love to get the truck camper over there but the ferry (from Norway) is a bit beyond our budget.
    I’m just waiting to hear that Chris has booked our ferry journey to Netherlands, to start our summer road trip. Then, well, that feeling will happen!

    1. Understatement, indeed! Words are not enough to describe how excited I am, especially about Iceland, I’ve been wanting to visit there for so long! I’ve been looking for places to see in Instagram and I’m just about to burst! I’m afraid four days will not be enough. About NYC I’m a bit on my toes… if you know what I mean? I’m not comfortable with big cities, a little nature child as I am, but on the other hand I love London, so maybe I will enjoy myself in NYC as well after all! 🙂

      1. I’m a bit like that, that’s why I love Helsinki, because it’s not as crazy as our capital! You have absolutely no idea (or maybe you do!) how I felt when I booked my flight out to Hel last November! 😉

      2. Haha, I don’t know anyone who loves Finland like you do, so I can only imagine how you felt. But that’s great, because I know that you just keep coming back to me as you can’t stay away from Finland! 😛

    1. For me it’s quite unusual to book a trip this early, I normally do impulsive last minute travelling, so now it’s quite awful as I need to WAIT for nearly two months for this trip! 😀 But I know it will be worth the wait!

  2. That is so cool! Two fantastic presents for the price of one! I’ll be looking forward to your post as I haven’t been to either Iceland or New York. I’m excited for you. Yeeeeeeeees!!

    1. Thanks so much! 🙂 At least I found a post with all the best parks of NY listed, so in case I’m too frightened of the big concrete jungle, I can have a little touch of nature during the trip! 😀 About Iceland, I’m getting more and more excited every day. Can’t wait!

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