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There IS a Finnish way of celebrating St. Patrick’s Day! It’s called The Pint of No Return!

Happy the happiest day of the year! It’s the 17th of March again!

St. Patrick’s Day is probably to most widely spread national holiday that makes the whole world celebrate and drink, no matter where are you from or located in! You can still wear a funny hat, green clothes and open a nice bottle of Guinness.

And it doesn’t matter if it’s in the middle of the week! No one will judge you, it’s St. Patrick’s Day after all!

Without even realizing what day it was, subconsciously I happened to grab a bright green hoodie from my wardrobe this morning. See, there really is a tiny green leprechaun living in all of us!

I also happened to find a couple of photos from the past St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. In 2014 I was living in Düsseldorf in Germany, where we started at the office with Guinness.. well, quite early, and continued to the Irish bars of Altstadt. Greetings to trivago, I bet at this our the office is already full of cheerful leprechauns. Or perhaps they have already taken over the streets of Düsseldorf!

Pyhän Patrickin päivän juhlintaa trivagon pääkonttorissa Saksan Düsseldorfissa - St. Patrick's Day celebration in trivago office in Düsseldorf, Germany

Hugs and kisses especially to my ex roomies Nikita and Claude, who are so bravely drinking Guinness with me in this photo. I really miss you! <3

In 2012 I was living in Spain, in a wonderful little town called San Pedro de Alcántara, where one of my favourite pubs (and the real savior of the ice hockey world championship tournament) was an Irish bar called The Hogan Stand. I bet every single friend visiting me in Spain remembers this bar very well!

Obviously in 2012 I spent my St. Patrick’s Day in The Hogan Stand. And why not, I literally lived a stone throw away!

st patricks day in the hogan stand in san pedro de alcantara, spain - Pyhän Patrickin päivä Espanjassa San Pedro de Alcantaran kaupungissa, irkkubaari The Hogan Stand

For quite a while I have been meaning to tell you a little something about my family. You see, I’m not the only dream chaser in my family! Also my older brother Samu has been quite active in the area of dreaming and making those dreams come true. On the side of his full time job he has managed to build himself a second career as a musician.

I remember when we were teenagers and Samu bought his very first guitar. No offence bro, but it was AWFUL to listen for the first couple of years. Actually, it might have been one of the reasons why I moved out already at the age of 16!

Ok, I was kidding.

But as always, practice makes perfect, or if not perfect, pretty close to it. Today my bro is really having a second job as a musician. Besides doing gigs by himself, he is playing in and Irish band called The Pint of No Return!

The Pint of No Return is playing famous drinking songs that are known all over the world. But they are playing them with a little twist; with Finnish lyrics! The band translates the lyrics by themselves honouring the original idea of the song. ‘Leaving of Liverpool’ translates to ‘Lähtö Turusta’ – ‘Leaving of Turku’, which is a harbour city in the South-West of Finland. By the way, I love that song!

Besides Leaving of Liverpool, also Wild Rover, Fairytale of New York, In heaven there is no beer and many many other well-known songs has been translated and played on their gigs accompanied by violin, banjo, harmonica, tin whistle… whatever instruments they have access to. Besides my bro The Pint of No Return consists of my good friends Alina, Risto and Juho.

And of course they are playing this weekend, it’s St. Patrick’s Day after all!

Are you perhaps reading this post in or near Finland? In that case on Friday the 18th you should be in Bar Koivu in Turku and on Saturday the 19th in Kallio in Rauma. The Pint of No Return is worth a bit of travelling as well!

the pint of no return

So wear a funny hat and green clothes, open a bottle of Guinness and click this link for listening The Pint of No Return’s version of In heaven there is no beer – in Finnish!

Hey, why not to follow The Pint of No Return in Facebook as well?


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