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This is how we planned our four-day stopover in Iceland

Our spring trip to Iceland and New York is getting closer – and I’m getting more and more excited about it! A few days ago we made a painful decision to stay home for the whole Easter, even though I was so tempted to have a long weekend somewhere in Europe. But we made the right decision: already during the very first evening we managed to plan the route for our four-day stopover in Iceland.

The first evening we’ll spend exploring the streets of Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland, but the following days we will be moving a lot hunting amazing views and experiences. This is how our preliminary route plan to Iceland looks like:

Day 1 in Iceland: Exploring North of Reykjavik with our Stopover Buddy Anna

Do you remember how I told earlier about this amazing opportunity to spend a day in Iceland with a local? It’s a free service by Icelandair called Stopover Buddy, that we definitely wanted to try during our four-day stopover.

We booked a Stopover Buddy for our first full day in Iceland, and very soon we received a confirmation and an informative email from our buddy-to-be Anna with a long list of great ideas and local tips for our whole four-day visit.

Four-day stopover in Iceland | Live now – dream later travel blog

After comparing our options for a good while we decided to spend the day with Anna exploring North of Reykjavik. We can’t travel too far during one day, as we don’t want to spend the whole day in a car. The route plan takes us to Borgarnes and all the way to Snæfellsnes, the area that is often referred as ‘the miniature Iceland’ – a perfect place to visit with a local!

Along this route we get to see fjords, waterfalls, geysers, volcanoes, Berserkjahraun lava field and a few kilometer hike surrounded by the fantastic landscapes of Mini-Iceland. In the evening we’ll return to Reykjavik, and the following morning we’ll start our adventure by ourselves with Daniel and a rental car.

Day 2 in Iceland: Driving along the South Coast from Reykjavik to Vik

Four-day stopover in Iceland | Live now – dream later travel blog

On the morning of our second full day in Iceland we’ll start driving along the South Coast all the way to Vik. Along this route there will be plenty of amazing things to see, so we will be stopping a lot during the drive; Raufarhólshellir cave, more waterfalls and hot springsSólheimajökull glacier, Sólheimasandur Plane Crash and the secret pool that is not so secret anymoreReynisdrangar Sea Stacks

We would love to continue further from Vik all the way to the Vatnajökull glacier, but I’m afraid we won’t have enough time to do it. The more I’m searching about the nature wonders of this beautiful island, the more sure I am four days is nowhere enough to spend in Iceland. Next time I will stay at least for two full weeks!

Day 3 in Iceland: Gullfoss and Secret Lagoon

Four-day stopover in Iceland | Live now – dream later travel blog

Our third and very last full day of our stopover we’ll spend by driving from Vik to Gullfoss waterfall and Secret Lagoon. On the way we’ll visit all the sites we missed the day before. We will spend our last night somewhere around this area, maybe a little bit nearer to the airport, as on the following afternoon we’ll start our journey to New York.

Day 4 in Iceland: Reykjanes and time for farewell

Four-day stopover in Iceland | Live now – dream later travel blog

Our fourth and last day in Iceland will be a bit short, but all the time we have left we’ll spend exploring the Reykjanes peninsula and its’ craters, hot springs, cliffs and lighthouse. Someone will probably tell us to waste hours in Blue Lagoon, but we are pretty sure we will miss it during this trip for two good reasons: the lack of time and the amount of tourists. We rather spend our four-day stopover seeing and experiencing as much as we can in as few crowded places as possible.

In the early evening our plane will take off towards the Big Apple, and it’s time to say farewell to lovely Iceland. How is it possible to feel this sad about it, even if the whole trip is still a few weeks away? I feel like I’ve lost my heart to Iceland even before travelling there.

How does this plan sound to you? Do you think we have missed something we shouldn’t miss? Should we change our route plan somehow? All tips are more than welcome and all options are still open, so please speak your mind on the comments section below!

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  1. That sounds like an awesome itinerary! I wish I’d known about the Iceland buddy thing, that sounds like a great time. The south coast is beautiful as well!

    1. Thanks Amanda. I’m now thinking if we should skip Gullfoss and continue from Vik to Vatnajökull instead to see the Glacier Lagoon… luckily we haven’t yet booked any accommodation so all options are still open. I think this Icelandair Stopover Buddy is quite a new service. For now at least for Finns it’s available until the end of April, but perhaps they are planning to prolong it. I will tell you later how it went but I’m 100% sure it will be awesome day!

  2. I’m so envious! (yes, I know, I’m going to Norway! haha!) That Stop Over Buddy is an awesome idea, I can’t wait to hear what that is like.
    I know that I’m going to see your photos and our plans are going out the window. I know for a fact there is a ferry from Bergen to Iceland! Fear not, the draw of Finland will keep me from sailing 😉

    1. Oh I really need to do another update for our plans to Iceland, this plan has changed a little bit. 4 days in Iceland seems to be a mission impossible, I keep getting more and more ideas and then I come crushing down once I realize we don’t have enough time. And yes, I also love this idea of a Stopover Buddy, and she is fetching even more ideas to me. Aaargh, why did I ever book flights with such a short stopover? 😀

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