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Welcome to my renewed travel blog!

Past weeks’ hard work and long hours finally pay off: I have been planning to move my blog self-hosted for months, and now it has finally happened! Even if there is still lots to do with updating old posts and checking all images and links, not to mention fixing a few unfortunate problems I faced during and after the transfer, I think I am already winning. At least I feel like a winner.

When looking from the other side of the screen, it might seem like nothing much has changed. But I swear, so trust me when I say this migration has required a massive amount of hours, sweat and willpower.

There is still so much to do, enough work for weeks, perhaps even months, but I truly believe it will be worth all the effort.

Are you still wondering what the heck has changed? Well, let me explain you some of the most important changes. Obviously the biggest change is moving from to self-hosted, as much as I loved the great service I have received in over the years, with this blog and my previous not-anymore-existing-one, but self-hosted blog will give me so much more possibilities to play around and make the blog nicer to you guys.

One of the main reasons for this migration was to properly separate my two languages, so that my Finnish blabbering wouldn’t bother my international readers (despite of some silly British girl who loves Finnish language more than anything).

Being bilingual is no question the biggest challenge in my blogging. It takes so much time, but on the other hand it’s so rewarding on so many levels. Now my new friend WordPress will make the decision based on the language of your browser whether you’ll see the English or Finnish version of my site. In case my new friend chooses badly, you can easily switch the language yourself from the small menu on top or clicking the funny flag icon found on the bottom of every single page.

I also wanted to make the blog posts more clear and easier to read; at least I love the possibility of having full width blog posts. Earlier I didn’t have that option due to Finnish menu on the left side of each page. Also sharing the posts and commenting are now much simpler than before.

Do you agree with me? You can test it yourself by leaving me a lovely comment! 🙂

While going through my old blog posts to check the visibility of images and fixing possibly broken links, I will try my best to make it as easy as possible for you to find those old posts. Even if my early writings are… well, clearly written by a beginner, they are part of my and my blog’s history and, to be fair, full of great tips of living abroad and stories from my other past trips.

When exploring my renewed blog, perhaps you come across with something alarming; a broken image or link, funny looking blog post, or something else to improve – or perhaps something extremely wonderful and worth positive feedback. Whatever it is, good or bad, I’d love to know about it, so please share your findings with me by commenting or by email (that you can find for example on the bottom of this page).

Perhaps you know how it is; sometimes you are too easily blinded by your own work and you can’t see even the most obvious mistakes until someone else points them to you.

You are warmly welcome to follow my renewed travel blog! I would be more than happy to have you visiting more often, and you should, as the countdown to my next trip to Iceland and New York has finally started, and I am planning to give you a fresh update on it very soon!

While waiting, why not to read how happy I felt right after purchasing the flights and about our preliminary plans for our four-day stopover in Iceland on the way to New York.

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