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Oh dear travel plans! Confessions of a last-minute traveller.

Travel plans – one traveller loves them more than anything, the other one… well, not so much. Oh, don’t get me wrong, nothing’s better than knowing that another amazing trip is just around the corner. But how do the preceding weeks taste like?

In case you have visited my blog before, you most probably already know that I’m just about to leave to my long-awaited trip to Iceland and New York. Together with Daniel we booked the flights a couple of months ago, and at the time of writing this post the take off is only one week away.

The time between booking the flights and this very date has been fairly interesting. I have learned something crucial about myself as a traveller: I absolutely SUCK at making travel plans beforehand!

Oh dear travel plans! Confessions of a last minute traveller | Live now – dream later travel blog

I was born to be a last-minute traveller! Based on my experiences from the past few weeks, it seems like the earlier I book my trip the more stressed I am. I’m going absolutely crazy with planning our four-day stopover in Iceland! What’s the plan? I have no idea, as it keeps changing every time I open Instagram or explore a website or a travel blog telling about Iceland. How about New York then? Oh dear, I haven’t even THOUGHT about New York!

At least I managed to get a new passport before the trip. That’s something, eh? Have I sent my ESTA application? Hell no!

I’m a huge fan of last-minute travel deals. Most often I travel where the best offer takes me to. It doesn’t matter if I have already been to the destination, because you can find something new in any destination, no matter how many times you’ve visited before. I keep finding new amazing things and places even in my own home town!

So what is this travel planning stress and where does it come from? Well, Iceland is a perfect example: The more I read and seek for information about Iceland and its’ awesome volcanoes, glaciers and waterfalls, the more sure I am that four days is nowhere near enough! It leads me to making extremely extreme decisions, like choosing between the wonderful Gullfoss waterfall and the Glacier Lagoon. Is there any chance I could manage to see them both? Perhaps there would be, but how about all the other beautiful places on the way? I can’t just hit the gas and drive pass them without stopping, can I?

Oh dear travel plans! Confessions of a last minute traveller | Live now – dream later travel blog
So here we are struggling with the big decision: Should we make time to drive to the amazing Gullfoss waterfall or should we drop it and just admit we don’t have enough time? Photo is from Pixabay.

We are supposed to spend two nights somewhere along the Ring Road on the South Coast. But how can I decide where to book accommodation? What if we completely f*** up our schedule? What if for one reason or another we can’t get to the hotel or guest house on the day of our booking? What if we get there so early that we would rather keep driving and see a little bit more the next day?

We live our everyday lives following tight schedules and keeping up with continuous information flow. Do I really want to spend my holiday following those schedules? Hell no would be my answer! For me, holiday means freedom. Freedom to choose what I want to do whenever I want to do.

I have never ever scheduled my holidays, but apparently when you’re travelling to New York you should do that. Even without planning the second half of our holiday yet, I have found out that in New York you should book your tickets to certain sightseeings months in advance if you really want to experience them during your holiday. Ok, let’s say I want to have a day of visiting all the best viewing spots of Manhattan, but I end up booking my tickets for such a foggy day that I can’t even see my own hand? It would be a good idea to change the plan for that day, but if you already paid for the sites, you would throw your money down on the drain. Who cares? What value would you get for the money anyway in case you can’t see what you paid to see?

So a few days ago it really hit me: making travel plans weeks in advance is really stressing me out! I don’t dare to admit it. I was born to be a last-minute traveller, and I love it! Ignorance is bliss indeed! The more information I get about my travel destination, the more stressed I get. Normally we decide our travel destination at the time of booking the flights. The next second we are already packing our bags and driving to the airport – no time to think, just act!

So, what happens with our two last nights in Iceland when we are roadtripping along the South Coast? Well, a couple of days ago we decided not to book any accommodation in advance but try to find a place to stay wherever we are at the time. Am I stressing about not finding a room when it’s needed? Not even one bit! We’ll get it sorted, and if worst comes to worst, we’ll always have a car to cover us.

Except that we haven’t rented one yet.

Oh well, we have a whole week left to do it.

There you have my confessions. Now it’s time for yours: What kind of traveller are you? Do you rather rely on last-minute deals or do you enjoy planning your trips for weeks, perhaps even months in advance? Are schedules and careful preparations part of your travel habits? I’d love to hear your thoughts on the topic. Does anyone else dare to confess stressing about making travel plans?

So, which one are you: Last-minute traveller or passionate travel planner?

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