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Let the adventure begin!

In January I participated on a travel writing course that was organized by one of the leading travel magazines in Finland. The very first thing they pointed out was; never ever start a travel story from an airplane. Unless it’s seriously crucial for the story. Well, I promise you that I won’t do that. Because this adventure starts from a bus.

The adventure has finally begun. The very first stop on my journey is my ex home town Tampere where I will be participating Finnish Travel Fair. After a day at the fair I will continue to Helsinki-Vantaa airport to start the real adventure of the month; my long-awaited trip to Iceland and New York. The following two weeks will be filled with amazing – and also a little bit surprising – events.

In case you love the idea of Icelandic spring, its’ mysterious caves, waterfalls and volcanoes completed with natural pools, geysers and glaciers, even half as much as I do, now would be the perfect time to find and follow my Instagram account @saanajaakkola and Live now – dream later Facebook page. The blog itself will most probably be fairly quiet during the trip, but I promise you that the most awesome shots of the Icelandic nature will find their way to Instagram and Facebook as soon as wifi is available.

Let the adventure begin!| Live now – dream later travel blog
Chilling out at the Finnish Travel Fair last spring.

I think I promised you something surprising at the very beginning, but I have only been blabbering about boring travel fair and the upcoming trip to Iceland and New York, right? Well, here’s the first surprise factor: I just find out that during the fair I will be interviewed for a radio program about blogging! How cool is that? I’m actually a bit nervous, as I’m normally the one who is interviewing, but hardly ever the one being interviewed. Wish me best of luck!

After a busy day at the fair it’s time to head for Helsinki-Vantaa airport, where Daniel and I will spend a relaxing evening and long night sleep in the lovely Airport Hotel Bonus Inn. I can’t even think of a better way to start a holiday than having a mini holiday in a beautiful hotel next to the airport with delicious dinner, evening sauna and breakfast buffet, and most importantly, without last-minute dishes and panic packing. Luckily my panic packing has already been done.

That said, on Sunday afternoon we’ll fly with Icelandair to Reykjavik and spend four amazing days exploring the Southern parts of Iceland. After that we’ll continue to New York – and perhaps a bit beyond – for five more days. And oh boy, once I return home I promise you, the silence on the blog will be long gone, as I will drown you with the most awesome shots and stories from our adventure on these two very different kinds of islands.

See you later, guys and gals!

Let the adventure begin! Live now – dream later travel blog

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